Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 17December, 2010.

Well my friend Bob left for the second time this morning after returning to stay with me for a further 5 days last Monday, so maybe life will now slowly get back to normal, whatever ‘normal’ may mean.

It has been good having Bob here, and he has kept me busy running him around during the daytime on various errands and we have spent a fair old bit of time chatting and watching some of my downloaded comedies on TV in the evenings. So in between all this and dealing with my emails and other bits and pieces, I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging or doing any other creative writing.

It has been a good exercise having another adult in the same house,’ invading my space’ as it were, as it has shown me how ‘set in my ways’ I have become and how grumpy I can get when people talk to me when I don’t feel like talking or wanting to do things which I am not in the mood to participate in or to enjoy. At times I have had to exercise considerable restraint to stop myself from saying something I may later regret.

Much  of my state of mind is due to my anti-depressants which not only make me very sleepy in the mornings, but also make me feel very much out of sorts for a couple of hours after I wake up. Left to my own devices I can easily sleep for 10 – 11 hours and even then I have to make a real effort to drag myself out of bed. I have had a look on the internet at the side effects of my drug today and  I found that recent medical research on this subject has revealed that well over 50% of users complained of extreme ‘somnolence’, and many added that the drug made them feel like a ‘zombie’ for much of the day. I am taking a high dosage, so I am seriously thinking about cutting back in the New Year and see how I feel. My general state of mind seems to be pretty good at the moment and I feel that there is a good chance that if I start to cut back on the drug, I may start to feel more energetic and motivated to get stuck into things.

After a self-imposed break of around two years, I have finally arranged an appointment with my diabetic specialist in Bangkok at the end of December, so things are starting to move in the right direction.

Little Noo is still with me and we are still very happy together. I have a feeling that this relationship may last for a very long time as we really do seem to hit it off in just about every department. She never appears to be in any way phased by my grumpy moods in the morning. (I do always apologise later).

My last drink was on Monday when Bob arrived back from Cambodia and we had a meal out with a few glasses of wine. That was the first drink I had had since the glass of wine I had had the previous week with Bob. I think I am getting close to total abstinence.  A few days ago I went to see a friend at one of the lakeside bars and I ‘sat’ on a coffee and a bottle of water for about two hours and felt no desire to order a beer or anything alcoholic.

Some readers have suggested that my motive for removing snot ass’s comments was due to ‘pique’ as he successfully predicted the demise of Wan. Believe it or not, I couldn’t give two hoots what he or anyone else predicted that I may or may not do. Given my track record, it doesn’t take much of a genius to predict that I will ‘fall off the wagon’ or that whatever relationship I am currently in will inevitably flounder after a week or so. No, it was simply that his little ‘black joke’, in my humble opinion, had grown wearisomely unfunny.  He was egging me on to ‘fall from grace’ so that my blog would be more entertaining. Well it was funny for a while, but I am the moderator, and I decided enough was enough. As many of you know, I do appreciate genuinely felt comments, whether they agree with me or not and whether they are critical or not. I do try to keep a sense of prospective as well as a sense of humour when moderating; however, I decided that sn’s snide and sick comments did not justify any pleasure he may derive from me reading them any more, let alone publishing them in my blog.

So  not too much to report today, other than to confirm that I am sober, I am still with Noo and I am feeling pretty good about life – maybe the best I have felt for a very long time.

Maybe 2011 will prove to be a good year in the life of Mobi 1 kenobi….

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