Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 5th October, 2010

I am still sober and pretty much settled into my new home.

The ‘spare bedroom’ is chock-a-block  full of stuff that needs to be unpacked and stored away, but the rest of the house is now spick and span and everything in its place.

I have done everything completely by myself and I haven’t had a single visitor.

As yet I haven’t even hired a maid.

Yesterday I was up and about early in Pattaya, doing some shopping, paying bills, running some errands and in the afternoon, I had a good session with my therapist. We touched on a few issues which I will write about in a day or so.

I spent the late afternoon and evening watching the Ryder Cup which was a very exciting and an emotionally draining experience. Thank God we edged it at the death, or I might have been tempted to drown my sorrows. In my opinion, the Ryder cup is one of the most thrilling sports events anyone can ever watch, and it is just made for TV viewing. There are so many breathtaking moments; so many highs and lows as your side either makes a fantastic shot, or just misses a put. The whole match is played in such a good spirit and with the greatest respect for the opposing team. I feel sorry for the Americans who played brilliantly and carried themselves with the utmost dignity at all times.

This evening I will get my dogs back at long last, so I am really looking forward to it. It was starting to look as though Dang wasn’t going to let me have them after all, but after a few days of prevarication she has finally told me I can go and get them. Then I discovered that my front gate wasn’t ‘dog proof’, so today I had to buy some plastic netting and attach it to the bottom of the gates so that the shih tzus can’t get out, and also so that street dogs can’t get in.

I think when I bring my dogs home today, there is going to be one hell of a kerfuffle, as my house is bordered with other houses that also keep dogs in their gardens, to say nothing of the soi dogs which my golden always treats with utter disdain. It will be fun and games for sure.

I am sort of ‘ticking over’ on my blog for a few days as I spend most of my time settling to my new home and new life. Maybe in a couple of days I will get back to proper blog production.

Many thanks for all the kind comments that I have received over the past week or so.

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  1. Dont get too crazy over visitors Mobi….

    As you know anyone can be anyone they choose out here in cyberspace


  2. I think it’s “Those who can, do, those who can’t teach.” True. I never played more than 3rd division soccer (in old money).

    I’ve come up with a new one … “Those who can, write books, those who can’t blog” 🙂


  3. I teach PE. As long as my students don’t get fat and learn team spirit, I have succeeded.

    What is gossip all about if it’s not getting pleasure from others misfortunes? A blog is a way of gossiping about yourself. Do you think anyone would read it if your life was dull and ordinary and you were ordinary and content? We read it for the fuck ups. We read it waiting for the inevitable train crash. If your life works out, you meet a caring, honest girl, you kick booze for good, you become happy, your readership will disappear. If I were your friend I would hope that happens, I’m not, I enjoy reading your misadventures, long may they continue.


  4. Err, as my dear old mother used to say, if you can’t say anything nice about someone then it’s better not to say anything at all. While I appreciate being called a nice chap by Snot Ass, I’m less happy about being told my books are shite. And Mobidark, I’d take issue with your view that Private Dancer is badly written. I think the vast majority of my readers would disagree with you. The reviews on Amazon are generally very favourable. And accusing it of being dated is a tad silly – I did write it almost 15 years ago and sadly all things date with age…. And with respect you have no way of knowing how much is fact and how much is fiction. Anyway, must go, I have a novel to write and then I’m going to start on a sequel to Private Dancer…. I won’t bother criticising your writing or your blog because, as my dear old mother used to say….


    1. Your dear old mother was undoubtedly correct.

      However, I have always regarded book critiques as fair game, never dreaming that the author would actually read my ‘less than glowing’ thoughts.

      Had I realised this I would have kept my opinions on novels based in Thailand at a more generalised level.

      You are a proven author and I doubt that I will ever be. Whatever I think of your writing, it is clearly better than anything I am able to pen, so there is no contest and I congratulate you on your success.

      I only mentioned that the story is dated, as by your own admittance, it clearly is, so for those who may wish to use it as a ‘warning guide’ they should understand that to some extent, life in the ‘red zone’ as moved on in the past 15 years.

      I wish you every success on the publication of your sequel.


      1. Yeah, what is especially galling is the fact that earlier this year I suggested to my Singapore publisher, Monsoon Books, that they took a look at your blog with a view to publishing your story in book form. Then go you go and shoot my writing down in flames. Ah well, as my dear old mother used to say, no good deed goes unpunished…


      2. Yes, well it is an unfortunate pattern of my life that I often turn away those who are trying to help me in one way or another.

        As I hope I conveyed in my earlier reply, I had no intention of insulting you personally, as that is not what I am about and I abhor people who do.

        God knows enough readers have insulted me in my blog, so I know what it feels like.

        I had no idea that such an esteemed person as yourself would bother to read my humble offering, so once more I apologise for what I have written.

        A belated thanks for trying to help me.


  5. There is no way you can be a Brit and not care about the Ryder Cup.

    If you are, then please hand back your passport. You are not worthy of it.


    1. Cookie seems to be very content as do the 2 little ones. Unfortunately, one of them, Yoghurt has terrible tangles and knots in his fur and after several hours of trying to sort it out, I fear he made need to have his coat cut off. I will take him to the vet today.


  6. Not a Yank. Why? You have a problem with them? I’m a Brit who lives in Thailand, just like you. Unlike you I can control my drinking and I have a long term girlfriend who I don’t have to support. I’m a teacher at an international school, bringing home 95,000 a month. Small money indeed but my gf works at the SET and earns a similar amount. I live in her condominium. We share costs. It’s kind of like a normal relationship although she is 15 years younger than me and has a nicer ass. It may well go wrong, but at least while we are together I know it’s not about money.

    Nothing wrong with whoring around, I’ve had my fair share, I’ve also had a failed bargirl relationship, just one, I learnt my lesson – trying to “save” one is kind of pointless. A relationship based on money will always be one. Sure some people get lucky. Some people also get spontaneous remission after a terminal diagnosis.

    I read your blog hoping that things will go wrong (bound to happen). When your life is normal it’s a boring, dull read. When you meet the “special” girl or drown your self-pity in a bar it’s cracking good fun. I don’t mean to sound rude or be uncaring but I don’t know you and I don’t care about you. I just read your blog for my own pleasure. I remain a happy content man by leaching off the miseries of others.

    Anyway, I’ll keep giving your blog a cursory glance, waiting for the day your life goes tits up again.

    PS, I’ve met Stephen Leather, he’s a nice chap, his books are shite though, but published at least.


    1. My question as to whether you might be a Yank was only suggested as you expressed little interest in the Ryder cup. I thought it might have been sour grapes on your part – obviously not. I have nothing against Yanks, many of them are much better people than the average Brit I have come across in the past few years.

      Take you for instance. What A fine upstanding example of the British race you must be! Hoping that things will go wrong with my life and writing such callous tripe as: ” I just read your blog for my own pleasure. I remain a happy content man by leaching off the miseries of others.”

      I trust your incredibly flippant attitude doesn’t rub off on your students. I always thought that teachers wished to teach as a result of altruistic principles and they were supposed to set some kind of example – clearly not in your case.


  7. Is it possible that if you had read Stephen Leather (I know Private Dancer wasn’t written till more recently) or something similar, and you had taken it on board,then your adventures in Thailand might have been very different.
    Essential reading for first time visitors is how many people regard that book. Your own misadventures and financial calamities seem to vindicate that view.
    Have you actually read it? It seems a little unfair to accuse him of writing ‘trash about the seedier side of Thailand’.
    Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!
    Good luck with your move.


    1. I have read Private Dancer and amazingly it is still in my book collection. It has some good stuff in it although IMHO it is badly written, and it is what it is; a piece of easy pop- fiction, loosely based on facts which are often grossly exaggerated.

      I wouldn’t deny that it can serve as a warning for first time bar hoppers to this land, and in that respect it may be of some value.

      Actually, the book is quite dated. It takes place in a time before mobile phones became the de rigour of all bar girls. Things have changed much since then but I suppose the nature of the bar girl hasn’t changed that much.

      We are all entitled to our opinions – for me it is basically trash.

      Whatever you may think of my amateurish writing ( and I never claimed it was anything other than this), at least it is true.


  8. Good going Mobi,
    Glad to know your off the booze for awhile now. If it doesn’t do you any good best to stay away from it. Life goes on though, living it sober is the trick from what I found. Now the question becomes, for the short term, what to do with all the spare time? For me it was AA meetings and a new career change. Of course your retired. I’ve found that charity bears serenity for us Alkys. Foremost of course, charity to other Alcoholics in the form of help off of drink. What do you think you’ll do, with the extra time that is?
    Cheers and keep up the sobriety. It’s what we should have been doing all along.


    1. I’m still settling in and my days are very full as you will see from my blog, when I get round to writing it.

      Eventually I suppose the dust will settle and I’ll have a fair bit of time on my hands, but that hasn’t happened yet.

      I have plenty of projects to keep me busy, if I have the desire and will power to put them into operation.

      More in my blog…


  9. Hey Mobi good to hear your doing fine.

    Sounds like it was a big job & having moved a few times more than I wanted to in my life I know it is.

    Will be nice to have your dogs back too I bet

    So glad to hear your doing good staying off the drinking. Focus is everything isn’t it? Now your focused on something else & that is good.

    Miss the blogs but know you will be back when your settled & look forward to it.

    Dont mind that snotty person there is a few in every crowd.

    Good Luck


  10. You’re a strange one and that’s for sure.

    So at least 7 people have wished me luck one way or the other and all I did was thank them.

    And you try to pick holes in that………

    I suggest you go and read Steven Leather or any number of trash authors on sale in Asia Books who write drivel about the seedier side of Thailand.

    I write about my life – good, bad and ugly, as it happens, day by day. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. Nobody is forcing you.

    BTW I wonder if you are a Yank?


  11. “All the kind comments” …. err, you had two this week, maybe five in the last couple of weeks. Hardly anything to write about.

    Tell us more about Dang. I think you should get together with her again. It would make the blog more interesting. Alcoholic depression and getting fucked over by farm wenches is a far more interesting read than Ryder cup and doggies.

    We don’t want you to be happy, because it makes us happy when you’re not 🙂


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