The “Darkside”, 1st October, 2010

Just a brief update, as I am still in the throes of settling into my new home.

I’m still sober, and I am all moved.

I’m feeling pretty exhausted as I have done everything by myself and I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I have accumulated in the past 12 months.

It has been very hard work as I am so unfit. Also my right wrist is still  dodgy and has little strength. Every time I try to put pressure on to lift something a bit heavy, I get sharp stabs of pain running up my wrist.

I am very pleased with new new house, and I even had a 5 minute dip in the pool last night to cool down.

So far I have sorted my kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms and am in the process of setting up all my computer stuff.

I reckon it will be another 2 days before I am fully unpacked and settled in.

I have  a 10 mpbs internet connection, cable TV in the lounge and master bedroom and True Visions in the lounge.

This means that I am watching the Ryder cup, in between unpacking, so this will inevitably slow down the settling in process.

I will write in more detail, as time permits.

Thanks to those of you who have wished me well. It is appreciated.

3 thoughts on “The “Darkside”, 1st October, 2010”

  1. Mobi,

    Great news your sober! Glad your getting settled into the new “digs”, well hardly digs, appears it’s more like luxury bachelor abode.

    Question, if you don’t mind. You refer to the “Darkside” at one point I thought that referred to the well, um, where the tgirls hang out. Apparently not. LOL!

    what is the “darkside” … thanks!


    1. The “Darkside” was a term coined a few years back by those of us who lived in East Pattaya.

      There is a huge area east of Sukhumvit Road and the railway lines which spreads from the Bangkok Pattaya Express way in the North, to well past Hua Yai in the south and runs as far east as the Rayong Highway.

      The area is dominated by the Mabprachan lake, around and near which, there are many luxury ‘villages’ and luxury houses where a large number of farang residents live.

      The area was coined the “Darkside” to distinguish it for the main Pattaya tourist areas, west of Sukhumvit, where the ‘sun never sets’ and the street lights and neon signs dazzle you 24/7.

      Night at Mabprachan can be a very ‘dark’ experience and even the few bars that are scattered around the lake turn all their lights out at midnight, so if you don’t know where they are located, you would never find them.

      Yes my new home is a luxury, three bed villa, with its own substantial swimming pool and gardens.

      I’m not slumming it yet…..


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