Jomtien, 25th September 2010.

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I’m still sober and staying pretty occupied packing up all my things in preparation for my big move at the end of the month. It’s quite amazing how many things I have acquired in the year since I left home, last October. It’s going to need a decent sized truck to move everything, which includes four sizeable pieces of furniture, which I bought to supplement the limited amount of furniture that was  in the condo when I leased it.

I have signed up for True Visions satellite TV, and BTV cable internet and TV. I have paid for a 10mpbs internet connection, so if it only turns out to be half of that, it will still be way faster than anything I have previously had in Thailand, so I am looking forward to that. I might even be able to do live TV streaming – that will be good.

I am looking forward to getting my 3 dogs back and being back in a house with a swimming pool again. I plan to spend much more time at home so it is essential that I am surrounded by as many ‘home comforts’ as possible – the only item missing will be a nice lady to take care of me. Maybe that will come in time.

Yesterday I dropped by one of my semi-regular short time bars, and to cut a ‘long time/ short time’ story short, (excuse the pun), I took a couple of young ladies home with me for a ‘long time’, where we had a nice little threesome, before driving down to Jomtien beach for a tasty seafood supper, accompanied by some pleasant, live music.

I had been feeling a bit lonely so the two ladies were just the ticket; full of fun, very sexy and performed their bedroom duties extremely well – apparently enjoying the fun and games as much as I did.  They also cleaned and tidied the condo, washed the dirty dishes and generally cheered me up.

This morning they woke me before 7, firstly asking permission to cook some food from my fridge, and then about 30 minutes later asking me to take them home. I was still full of sleep, but was happy to oblige as I had had my fill of ‘company’ and I wanted them gone so that I could be alone once more. Maybe this is a pattern that will repeat itself. I am becoming more and more comfortable with my own company, and less tolerant of women who invade my space and outlast their welcome.

The magic of the previous evening had evaporated and I drove the two of them back to their rooms in East Pattaya in almost total silence.

I doubt that I will be writing much over the next few days as the impending move starts to occupy most of my time, but I will do my best to write a line or two so that you can be assured that I have not relapsed and that nothing untoward has happened.

4 thoughts on “Jomtien, 25th September 2010.”

  1. Mobi
    Hope you are well and the move goes well tomorrow.
    Smile it’s a new day, month, adventure ………….


  2. Good Luck with the move Mobi ! Take care of your back with all the lifting.

    I just got done with Mobi’s story. Great read & I really enjoyed it.


  3. Mobi;
    You sound as if your on the right path to a content life style. Good luck with the move and keep up the good work.


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