Sihanoukville, 10th September, 2010

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Well I didn’t get back to my blog yesterday evening, and here’s the reason why.

Firstly a recap. You may recall that I reported that I took a ‘wham-bam-thank you-mam’ girl from a downtown bar on Tuesday, which was a very unsatisfactory experience, especially when she wouldn’t let me sleep all night and then woke me in the early hours, requesting more money after I had already paid her the previous evening.

This unsavoury experience pushed me right back into my shell and I spent most of the next day in my room, only emerging the following evening to make a return journey to the bar of the previous night to grab something to eat and to see ‘what was what’. I had resolved not to take any more ladies back to my room, so when an elderly lady sat next to me at the bar, I studiously tried to avoid her. But she wouldn’t give up, and as much I shunned her overtures, she just kept trying. At length, a much younger lady sat next to her and the older lady immediately asked me if I was interested in her young companion. I continued to show my indifference, but after casting a few furtive glances in the young lady’s direction, I soon realised that she was indeed, very pretty, albeit a little on the young side, even for me.

I asked the older lady the age of her young friend and she told me she was only 22 and had only arrived in Cambodia from Vietnam a few days ago. She a spoke no English. I was becoming more and more interested. Finally the young lady sat next to me and started to fondle me and my resistance started to disintegrate. I still couldn’t quite believe this girl was 22 but knowing how difficult it is to judge Asian girls’ ages, I just took them at their word.

I went to the toilet where I was accosted by the ‘wham-bam’ lady of the previous night who demanded that I give her 2 dollars for a ‘moto’ fare to the beach. I told her to get lost, but my run-in with the girl had reminded me of my unsatisactory experience of the previous night and upon my return to the bar I made my excuses, gave the young lady a tip and took a ‘moto’ back up to the beach alone.

I popped into Utopia where, surprise! Surprise! not only was the ‘wham-bam’ lady there to welcome me, (I assume she had managed to raise the requested 2 dollars from some other mug), but also the young lady of 2 days earlier who I had declined to take off the beach and whose presence had partly led to my ‘epiphany’ when I resolved to stop drinking for good. She immediately recognised me and insisted that I accompany her to the pool table where she was playing with a friend. She was her usual ebullient self: with barely a look at the table she would make crazy shots  that frequently came off, while in between shots, she would dance manically to the loud, techno music. Incredibly, she won three games in a row against all-comers, whereupon she grew bored, grabbed me tightly around the waist and asked me to go with her to the club on the beach. I declined and told her I would go to my room. She opened her purse to reveal the equivalent of about 25 cents in Cambodian currency, and asked me to bankroll a ‘moto’ to the beach. I gave her two dollars and suggested that if she had nothing to do later she might like to pass by my room. She told me she would, but I didn’t give it another thought.

The second time in as many days that a girl had promised to come to my room in the middle of the night, and for the second time, I had totally disbelieved her.

I was sound asleep, when at 2.a.m there was a loud knock on my door. I jumped up, half asleep, forgetting that I was ‘starkers’, and opened the door. There was the girl in her startling, figure hugging, red mini-dress together with another lady who was similarly attired. They both gasped when they saw me. Realising my state of undress, I hurried back into to my room and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. The state of a naked Mobi these days is enough to bring tears of horror to a young ladies eyes!  I returned to the ladies at the door, thinking that my luck was changing at last!

But I was soon to be disillusioned. The girl told me that she and her ‘sister’ had to go home as their mother had called them to inform that yet another ‘sister’ was ill.

I didn’t believe a word of it. I assumed they had a better offer than the ageing, pot-bellied Mobi, but wondered why on earth they had bothered to stop by to tell me. Such a thing would have never happened in Thailand. I wasn’t too upset about the turn of events as I was feeling extremely sleepy so wishing all the various ‘sisters’ a speedy return to good health, I closed the door and returned to my dreams.

Thence to last night. I returned to the downtown bar for a meal at around 7 p.m. and the very young Vietnamese lady of the previous night was once more trying to persuade me – mainly in sign language – to take her home with me. Before long I was surrounded by a bevy of Vietnamese ladies, all encouraging me to take her, and all assuring me that she was 22 years of age.

I was feeling a bit frisky on my third day of sobriety and allowed myself to be persuaded. After a quick meal and a couple of Diet Cokes, I took a Tuk-Tuk back to my hotel with the young lady finally in tow. We walked through the courtyard to the back of the hotel, then up the steps to the first floor where my room was located. I was about to put the key in my door when there was aloud shout from below. I knew they were shouting at us but pointedly ignored the noise and continued to open my door.

The lady yelled one the few English words she knew:”Stop!”

I looked at her quizzically. “What?”

“Stop, you stop!”

“Nonsense; come on into the room with you.”

At that moment the hotel security guard appeared and talked to the girl. He told me he was asking for her ID. I knew she didn’t have one. Few of the Vietnamese girls did have ID’s. They just sneaked over the border to ply their trade and took their chances with the police. I thought that the guard was discriminating against Vietnamese, as he hadn’t asked any of the Cambodian ladies who had visited me for their ID’s.  I was geting angry, shouted at the guard to go away and tried to manoeuvre the young lady into my room.

Then the head of security appeared on the scene and most apologetically told me that they wanted to see her ID because they suspected she was underage. I was outraged, and told them it was impossible – all her friends had assured me she was 22.

At that moment, the Aussie manager appeared on the scene and gave me the same line – she was underage and they wouldn’t permit her to stay with me. I was angry and embarrassed, for the penny had finally dropped that she really might be underage and that the girls in the bar  had probably  duped me. I didn’t say much, but ordered her out of my room, (how she finally ended up inside my room I cannot explain), almost frog-marched her outside to a waiting tuk-tuk and accompanied back to the bar from whence we had come.

Back at the bar, I once more cross-examined her friends as to her real age. When  they heard what had happened at my hotel, they all came clean and admitted that she was ‘much younger’ than her claimed 22 years.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a close shave. I might like young ladies – but I am not a paedophile. Sleeping with her might have even got me in trouble with the authorities, if the security guard had decided to report it. One way or another it was a wake-up call and in the future I will have to be much more careful.

So I gave the underage lady a tip as she was looking very sorry for herself and then turned my attention to one of the older friends. Her name was Meot, (which means the number ‘One’ in Vietnamese), also very pretty and was wearing the tightest pair of jeans I think I have ever seen, revealing every contour of her delicious thighs and calves. I sat and held her hand while she was busy on her phone. I bought her a drink and she told me she was 25, from Ho chi Min city (Saigon) and had no children. Then a young man suddenly appeared and handed her some papers. She took them and handed a card to me. It was her Vietnamese identity card, printed in Vietnamese and English. She was born in 1985. I was in the safety zone.

We made the journey once again to my hotel where the security guard was once again waiting to check my new lady’s ID. We all had a good laugh and I apologised to the Aussie manager, who seem to appreciate my gesture and assured me that they had to protect their customers.

Meot was a revelation – a totally lovely lady with the most incredible body, silky smooth skin and was unbelievable between the sheets.  Last night and this morning, she brought me to heights I never thought this dissipated old sot would ever reach again and furthermore she made love with such obvious  joy. Please believe me folks, I am not trying to boast. Earlier this week I had one of the worst shags of my life and last night and this morning I had two of the best. No thanks to me, all down to her – pure and simple ecstasy.

That is why I didn’t get back to my blog last night.

I am planning to meet Eot in a couple of hours and we will spend the late afternoon on the beach. It’s a pity I have to leave tomorrow, but probably just as well.

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