Pnomh Penh, 4th September, 2010.

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Last Thursday afternoon, my Australian friend Bob, who is currently working Vietnam, met up with me at my guest house on 104 Street and we enjoyed a great meal of pork schnitzels, slaked our thirst with some ice cold Anchor draft beer, followed by a very nice chilled bottle of red, and last but not least, we put the troubles of the world to rights.

I have blogged before that I have known Bob for nearly forty years, (having first met him in the Grace Hotel in Bangkok in 1973), and he has had his ups downs with a number of Asian women (including two from Thailand) and has also enjoyed the highs and lows of a varied, but at times, highly paid career as a communications consultant.

Bob has worked extensively in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, China, Taiwan, and also in Australia, Brazil and London (where we ran into each other after being out of touch for many years).

Bob started off life as a long haired musician – a very talented guitarist by the way. He  toured Hawaii, Japan, Singapore and the US air bases in  Thailand during the Vietnam war, along with my other long standing alcoholic friend, Dave, whose subsequent life has followed a very different path.

Amazingly, Bob still has long hair, (though not quite as long as it once was – more shaggy than long I suppose), and speaks, reads and writes fluent Thai (he actually went to university to study Thai), and is currently studying Vietnamese and Cambodian in his spare time.

So Bob has been around a bit and has had as interesting, or arguably an even more interesting life than Mobi. I have barely touched on it in the above paragraphs.

For example he was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War era, and at a later period in his chequered history he was the musical director for a Thai singer with the unlikely name of Henry Mitchell. Does anyone remember Henry? He used to sing gigs at the major hotels of Bangkok and Pattaya, accompanied by a sizeable ‘orchestra’ with arrangements by and under the musical direction of  Bob.

One day Bob may be the subject of a Mobi Vignette. Anyhow, here we both are in Pnomh Penh for a few days and have been able to catch up on things, and as I have already written: “Put the world to rights.”

Bob used to be a very heavy drinker, mainly wine, but during the past year or so he has exercised a great amount of control over his drinking, which enabled him to obtain his latest, very well paid  job in Vietnam, and to keep it.

So he really isn’t a great fan of carousing the bars, and for the three nights I have been here, I have been left to my own devices.

I trudged the alcoholic path as described in yesterday’s blog for the first two nights, but last night I cut it much shorter, and I am already growing weary of the nightlife scene here.

My medication is also making it difficult for me to stay awake and even though I took two lovely ladies for the first two nights of my Cambodian sojourn; I really didn’t do them justice as I was just too sleepy and tired.

But I did enjoy cuddling up to the lovely, smooth skinned, naked beauties and that no doubt contributed to my long, very deep sleeps.

Last night I met a girl who worked in the bar right next door to my guesthouse, and she told me how her daily routine consisted of going to work at the bar at 6 p.m., going home at 3 a.m, having a brief rest and a bite to eat before going to English school at 6 a.m. School finishes at 11.a.m. and she will then try to get a bit of shut eye in the afternoon before reporting once more for work.

I know from my previous experiences here that everything she says is true. She has to make enough money to pay for her school and send some housekeeping to her mum up –country. No baby – babies are rare. Many of these girls work the bars to better themselves. The girl hopes that in about 5 years time, when she speaks and writes much better English, she will be able to get a better job in a hotel, restaurant or office. That is her aim.

I find time and time again in this country that the young Cambodians, (remember 90% of the middle aged Cambodians are dead) are all anxious to improve themselves and make something of their lives.

It is a very different culture to Thailand, even though their roots are similar.

I took pity on the pretty girl but decided I wasn’t up to taking her home with me.

It was 1 a.m., so I bar fined her, gave her a generous tip and told her to go home and get some sleep. I added that if she wanted to come to my guest house after her morning school, I would take her shopping and buy her a telephone.

When I finally emerged this morning just before noon, I found that the young lady had been waiting patiently there since just after 11.00.

So we went shopping and I bought her a phone.

I know – I’m a complete mug. But sometimes I like being a complete mug – the look of delight on her face when I paid for the phone was worth a million dollars, and I have no regrets, even if I never see her again, which is more than likely.

At the time of writing, 5 p.m., I am planning to leave for Sihanoukville tomorrow morning, but much will depend on how this evening turns out.


Turning to more mundane matters, I am pleased that the feedback on my new web format has been pretty positive.

Here is something that Lloyd wrote today:

“Its still huge, try a fixed font size, in pixels, like 11px or 12px, these are the most common size fonts for ‘normal’ text on the web. Headers, like H1 tags, are usually between 12px-15px.

By using fixed types fonts, in pixels, you blog will render pretty much the same on all browsers.”

I barely understand the technical terms, but I do understand that I am using “Headers” as my main blog font mainly because I have little choice unless I pay to import WordPress fonts.

Today I tried to import some WordPress fonts on a trial basis, but couldn’t understand the gobbledygook instructions on how to activate them.

So assuming I remain unable to import fonts, I am stuck with the ‘headers’ (of various sizes) and another font which is entitled ‘paragraph’.

Lloyd, on my notebook, and my desk top, the ‘header fonts’ are the right size for me. However I accept that they may be very large on other people’s computers. I do not understand enough about font sizes and web sites to understand why or to even  comment intelligently on this subject.

So by way of experiment, I will publish today’s blog with the ‘paragraph font’ and see what everyone thinks.

It will appear fairly small on my notebook, but I can easily ‘zoom-in’ to make it larger, so I will be happy to use it in the future, if readers believe it is better.

I won’t do another poll, but I would be grateful for feedback on font size.

To recap; my previous blogs uses ‘Header size 2’, and today’s blog will be published in ‘paragraph’.

Please let me know which one you prefer.

11 thoughts on “Pnomh Penh, 4th September, 2010.”

    1. I haven’t heard a thing from him in months. he absolutely refuses to communicate with me in any way whatsoever. Just before this trip I sent him a polite “olive branch’ email, telling him I was coming and where I was staying, but not a dicky bird.

      I have to say I’m pissed off to put it mildly.. I’ve never done him any harm and have been very generous in my friendship with him. I bankrolled a small second hand car business for him and never saw one penny in return. I took him into my house in Thailand, after collecting him from the airport and looked after him and took him all around Pattaya, to and from Bangkok, two times, to see an eye specialist, delivered him back to the airport and never asked for anything in return.
      Then he returns to PP , chats on Skype with me for a while and then breaks off all contact without a word of explanation. The worst I have ever done to him is maybe tell him a few home truths, which needed telling – and if he can’t take that from what I thought was a good friend then he is not worth a shit in my book.

      I can’t believe that a man with all this resentment, hatred and anger is tolerated to run AA meetings in PP. He is so far from the ideals of AA and the twelve steps that it’s not funny. I don’t believe he has ever worked the 12 step programme in his life, for if he had, he wouldn’t behaving like an arsehole to someone who has never done him any harm and has loved him like a brother.

      There, I’ve got that off my chest….. and i hope he fucking reads it…….


  1. There is a possibility of me being in Pattaya early next month. My mobile is really old & in need of upgrading. I promise to look delighted if you buy me 1. The bonus being you don’t have to pay bar. Any chance?


    1. No problems, provided that you meet the following conditions.

      1. You are and were born a female. (Doctor’s certificate required)
      2. You are aged 23 or less.
      3. you have a perfect female body, with strong, lithe thighs, a thin waist, a flat stomach and good, strong breasts with pert nipples that stand up when kissed or caressed,
      4. Your face is the very embodiment of all that is beautiful, sensuous and alluring in the ideal Asian female.
      5. You are prepared to devote the rest of your life in the service of ‘Mobi the Great’, acceding to his every whim and demand.

      IF you can tick the above five boxes as a ‘yes’, then you contact me upon arrival in Pattaya, and a new Nokia E72 will be yours.


  2. Paragraph font is much better on my screen. It looks like the normal size it should be. The blogs in heading font come out way too big – such that I only get about 4 lines to fit in my screen! Forever scrolling.


    1. Yes, although you are the only one to comment so far, I am pretty sure that ‘paragraph’ font will do the trick.

      I have already converted all my ‘pages’ to ‘paragraph’ font, and will start working on the archive blogs today.


  3. On my laptop and iPhone 4 its spot on, it looks clean, easy to read and all relative ie: the page renders fluidly and aligned.

    I think the change in appearance changes the way your site will be percieved, it is a lot brighter and clean with clean colours and doesn’t give the feeling of depression or foreboding. Darker sites can portray a negative feeling in people before they even start reading the content.

    I looked at the code and it is using “fixed” font sizes in pixels, its possible before you had selected a header for the text or simply the wrong size.


    1. Thanks Lloyd.

      Yes I seem to have cracked it at long last. I will continue the proses of converting all my archive blogs to the new fonts and colours and hopefully will not need to change again as it is very time consuming.

      Then I can get back to my preferred activity of blogging.


  4. What have you done to your blog?. It ain’t worth jack at the mo’. I’ve got to refresh it three times to even get it to load mit der latest news. Time for you to speak to that chap Lloyd I reckon…..



    1. It should be OK Now. I think you must have logged in when I was still working on it. Unfortunately, some of the work in changing the web page format had to be done live, so this might have created a few gremlins.


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