Jomtien, 2nd August, 2010.

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It is a strange fact of life that sometimes I can recall in the utmost detail, events that happened 5, 10 or even 30 years ago, yet I struggle to remember precisely what I have been up to over the past couple of days.

But upon reflection it is not so strange really, as I have no doubt that the alcohol is continuing to play tricks with my short term memory and who knows –  maybe I am in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or even Mad Cow disease!

I last blogged on Friday 30th July, and it is now Monday, 2nd August.

So what have I been up to?

I can’t recall precisely what I got up to on Friday night, but as best as I can recall, I stayed home and also probably got drunk.

Saturday was a strange day, it centred around:-

The brief re-awakening of a past relationship.

I spent all the morning  on my computer downloading music videos, and sorting my emails, and in the afternoon I visited a good friend for a couple of hours before heading back out to the Darkside to meet up with a couple friends who were having a few tipples at Tan’s bar.

I was joined by one of Tan’s fellow bar girls who massaged my back and in return, in the time honoured fashion, I bought her a couple of drinks.

During the course of her ministrations, the girl asked me if I still loved Tan. When I replied in the affirmative she told me that Tan wanted to get back together with me.

I was quite taken aback by this revelation, as Tan had never called me and whenever I went to drink at her bar, she never so much as gave me a glance, let alone say “hello” or offer a welcoming smile.

I told the girl that I thought it highly unlikely that Tan was still interested in me, but she insisted that she did, and an hour later she arranged a private meeting between Tan and me in a nearby room.

This was the first time we had spoken in many weeks and Tan confirmed that she did indeed wanted  to pick up the relationship again. She said she had been so angry at my behaviour and it was only recently that she had calmed down and managed to ‘let it go’.

For my part, I re-stated my profound regret for what I had done, and told her that not a day had passed when I didn’t think about her, or lament what had transpired to cause our relationship to collapse.

The first signs that this was not going to be an easy ‘mending of fences’, occurred when Tan sat down with me and made a half hearted attempt to cuddle me.

In the first place I was surprisingly devoid of romantic feelings and in the second, I also sensed that she was going through the motions and didn’t feel anything either.

So it wasn’t a particularly good start. Things were soon to get much worse.

She asked me if I still planned to move to a house on the Darkside and I confirmed that this was my intention. I told her that this month I would start looking around for a suitable home.

She said that when I found a house she wanted to bring her daughter to Pattaya and they would both come to live with me.

However, she then went on to tell me in no uncertain terms that in the meantime, she would never come to my condo and would remain living above the bar. She made it very clear that she wouldn’t put afoot inside my condo, not even to stay with me over night.

I asked her: “why?”

She said: “No reason!”

I told her I thought this was unreasonable as I didn’t know how long it would be before I moved.

She didn’t seem to care and was adamant.

Then she told me she had bought a new telephone and had a new number. I asked her to give me the number but she refused. She said she still kept her old phone and I could call her on that one.

I asked her: “Why won’t you give me the new number”

She said: “No reason; I just don’t want to!”

I then asked her about the so-called new boyfriend she had met after we split up and she confirmed that it was true, that she had met a man and he was now back home in England and that he called her or sent emails to her (on her lovely new phone ) every day.

She told me she had never slept with him, but knowing how horny she is I find that very difficult to believe.

She then told me that this ‘man’ will be coming back to Thailand for a few weeks in December, so I asked her what she would do about him if we get back together again. She replied that she didn’t know!!

She informed me that she had an appointment next week at the ‘nose hospital’ in Bangkok to ‘do’ her nose again as she didn’t like the way they had done it the last time round.

Naturally she expected me to take her there and pay for it. She also wanted me to take her to Nakhon Sawan and pick up her daughter and bring her to Bangkok.

Her daughter should have been brought back to Bangkok months ago.  We had previously left her in Nakhon Sawan until such time as the red shirts protests in Bangkok were over,as the family home was quite close to one of the trouble areas.

She told me she hadn’t been home and hadn’t seen her daughter in months, not since I had driven her daughter back to Nakhon Sawan for safety. So much for motherly love and care.

I was fast coming to the conclusion that it would be a disaster if I agreed to take her back, but with a sense of morbid fascination, I decided to play along with her for the time being and see where it all led to.

We eventually decided to go out for a meal and Tan invited her friend along.Tan told me that she was very tired and that after we had eaten she wanted to go back to her room and sleep.

However it didn’t quite turn out that way. After the meal, her friend wanted to go to see another friend at a bar in North Pattaya, so I drove the two of them there.

I bought a few drinks at the Pattaya bar and then her friend asked me to drop her at Big C where she was meeting some more friends.

It must have been around midnight, and after dropping off her friend, I expected to drive Tan back to her room on the Darkside.

But to my surprise, Tan announced that she wanted to go “Bai Tio” with her friends and with that, she jumped out of the car and was off and away.

A few hours ago she had been too tired and sleepy to go home with me, but not too sleepy to go out partying with her friends. Hm…..

I ended up with a sweet young thing from Walking street (only her second day working in a bar) and was fast asleep when Tan called me about 8 times at around 1.30 a.m. All missed calls according to my phone log.

I finally called Tan at 1p.m. yesterday, and she was none too friendly.

In the evening I went to her bar, and yet again she didn’t look at me or greet me. She ignored me for about an hour after which she passed close to where I was sitting and with a shake of her head, pointedly turned up her nose at me before disappearing back to a table where she had been sitting with some customers.

Even a couple of weeks ago I would have been devastated by this rude and cruel public display of disdain, but my love for Tan has finally died and I just felt sadness, and yes, I confess a great anger started welling up inside me.

What had I done to merit such behaviour? I had taken her and her friend out for an expensive meal and then driven them to Pattaya where I bought her and two more friends several drinks before they decided to move on.

I know – I’m a glutton for punishment and what more can I expect from a selfish whore?

But Mobi is Mobi and even after all these years he still lets these girls get to him.

I proceeded to get drunk and as I sat there my resentment at her behaviour of that evening  and her ridiculous demands of the previous day continued to bother me.

So I sent her a number of long rambling messages, telling her just what I thought of her.

I won’t repeat them in my blog, but I can assure you that they were designed  to get under her skin and upset her.

In this I am sure I had succeeded, for when I finally left the bar and went to another one nearby, she called me to ask me why I had sent such hurtful messages to her. I told her why I had done so, although I cannot recall the precise language that I used.

I do however, recall that there were two guys sitting along the bar from me, and when I slammed down my phone they remarked with amusement that I had certainly told her what was what and put her in her place!! They seemed to have been very impressed.

Back in Jomtien I visited a number of bars. In the last one, of which I have no recollection, I must have passed out, for I was awoken by a girl. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place her; she told me that the bar was closing and I had to go home.

It took a while for me to realise who she was and what bar I was in. I have no memory of my journey home home.

The luck of the drunks.

Today I have been more or less behaving myself as tomorrow I must make a 6 am start for my drive to Bangkok. I have two appointments – the psychiatrist and the psychotherapist.

I am seriously considering some major changes to my life and will write about them later.

My never ending story of alcoholic relapses and my stupid, degrading and hopeless adventures with whores is becoming boring – even to me. I know I will never find true love in a bar and I must take a different course in my life before it is too late.

Nid (Part 5)

Yes, it was the first of many times that Nid disappeared without notice.

Much later, long after we had broken up for the final time I realised that she disappeared for two reasons. One was her need for more money that I could ever give  her on a regular basis, but equally important was her need to find new men to screw.

She was very horny lady, probably a nymphomaniac and there was no way, all those years ago that I could properly satisfy her needs in this department.

As a rule Nid would look to farangs to provide her with money and to Thai men to satisfy her sexual needs.

Upon her return, a few days later, her disgust with me for lending the money continued unabated.

I was becoming increasingly anxious to get my loan repaid and I continued to call the two recalcitrant debtors every day.

When I first lent them the money they had given me a post dated cheque which when due, had bounced again and again when I had tried to present it at their bank.

They kept making new promises that they never kept, so once again I decided to go to the radio station to confront them

This I did for three days in a row and on the third day I warned them that if they didn’t pay up I would lodge a complaint with the police and show them the  bad cheque.

Issuing cheques without sufficient funds in the bank of the issuer is a criminal offence in Thailand and can result in a jail term, if convinced.

I hated making this threat to my ‘so-called’ friends, but I was so desperate to get Nid off my back, that I was prepared to do anything.

They finally realised that I was very serious and I wouldn’t give up until they paid me back. In addition, they were becoming increasingly embarrassed by Mobi waiting for them at their place of work every day. They were starting to lose face – big time, as all the staff there knew the reason for my visits.

Nevertheless I was quite taken aback when, on my fourth visit to the radio station, at long last they handed me an envelope containing the borrowed money.

I was ecstatic and breathed a huge sigh of relief, and hurried home to my room in Patunam to show Nid the money.

In a wild moment of foolhardiness, I handed the money over to Nid, saying::

“Here, you take care of my money for me. You can use it to pay our living expenses for the next few months. You can a few hundred Baht to buy some new clothes if you like”, I added in a moment of generosity.

Little did I realise what I had just done.

Nid needed no second bidding and the following day we went to celebrate the return of our money at The Derby King in Patpong.

During our visit, Nid announced that she and a few friends from the bar wanted to go and spend a night in Pattaya on the following day, which was a Sunday, and they would all be back in Bangkok on Monday morning.

I was happy to agree to this, not realising what was really in Nid’s mind.

Sure enough all the bar girls went for a ‘girls night out’ in Pattaya on the Sunday, and duly returned in time for work on Monday morning, minus the elusive Nid.

When Nid hadn’t returned home on Monday morning, as promised, I went down to The Derby King at lunch time and asked the girls if they knew where she was.

They were all very evasive and said they had no idea what had happened to her. She had gone to Pattaya with them but they hadn’t seen her since.

At first I wasn’t too bothered. I simply assumed she had decided to extend her holiday for a day or so and would be back any day.

But day followed day, and the days turned into weeks. One week became two , then three  and eventually a whole month had passed with no word from her – nothing.

This was way before the days of mobile phones and it was impossible to contact her. I didn’t even know for sure that she was still in Pattaya. She could be anywhere.

I had a feeling that the girls in the Derby King knew where she was as they were all so fidgety and evasive when I asked them if they had any idea where she may be. They just assured me that she would come back soon. How did they know that?

To make matters worse, I had given her a 100,000 Baht. Maybe she would never come back!

I became increasingly frantic. I couldn’t eat, only drink. I would spend my days and nights in the Derby King drowning my sorrows in booze.

Looking back, I realise what a fool I was and how everyone, (girls and farangs alike), knew exactly what Nid was all about and just regarded me as a stupid, gullible farang.

In the end I could stand it no longer and decided to pack an overnight bag and take the bus to Pattaya and see if I could track my wife down.

Pattaya was still in its early stages of development in those days, and was still pretty much a small village. I thought that if Nid was there, I had a fair chance of finding her.

Upon arrival in Pattaya, I checked into a cheap hotel and was up at dawn the next day to start the search for my missing wife and money.

Amazingly, I didn’t have to search very long.

As luck would have it, I was walking along the beach at around 8 a.m. the following morning, when there, as large as life, was Nid, in a stunning looking outfit that showed off every curve of her sensuous body; arm in arm with a young Thai man.

We caught sight of each other literally at the same moment. There was nowhere for Nid to hide and it was too late for her to take her hand away from her Thai boyfriend.

I was totally speechless, but Nid was full of rage at being caught red-handed.

Thai girls are old hands at such potentially disastrous confrontations and have long ago learned that old adage: ‘the best form of defence is attack!’

9 thoughts on “Jomtien, 2nd August, 2010.”

  1. Here we go here we go here we go…..

    Mick you really make me laugh. Honestly – no kidding.

    It is quite amazing how you can read these words that I have taken so much trouble and care in writing and then write the inflammatory nonsense that you have just written.

    I really think you only read what is in your mind – not what I have actually written.


    In almost the very first sentence I wrote in my blog I told my readers that I will tell it the way it is – warts and all!

    I ask you to show me exactly where I have ever blamed anyone else.

    I blog the way it is and try to write truthfully and frankly about the events that have occurred.

    If Tan is a wonderful, caring lady one day, and a lying bitch the next it is because that is what she was. I am sorry if you think that by me writing the truth about these women I am in some way blaming them for my alcoholism or my emotional traumas.

    Of course I am not, and any intelligent person, who takes the trouble to read my blog carefully would understand that.

    I TELL IT THE WAY IT IS; THE WAY IT HAPPENS. If you don’t like my life then I’ve got news for you – neither do I.

    But I am not, repeat not, blaming anyone but myself for everything that goes wrong in my life, and I have never defended in any way my taste for younger women, and I have never kidded myself that they would ever stay with me for any reason other than money.

    But having accepted their pot of gold, then they should keep to the deal. If they don’t, they are philandering, lying bitches – plain and simple. I may have helped to make them what they are, but it doesn’t alter the fact of what they are. But I am not blaming them.

    I can’t help feeling that most of this rancour on behalf of commentators such as you, Mick, is simply down to jealousy.

    Money or otherwise, you are simply unable to pull the sweet young things in the way that I am at a flick of the wallet, (and I never pay over the odds), together with a few well chosen words in their own language.
    If you ever learn to speak real Thai, you will know the joy of how easy it is to pull these young women.
    As to my size and sexual prowess…… well it is fast becoming legendary….. eat your hearts out, Mick and all you other gain-sayers….

    Maybe my life aint so bad after all……

    One day I will surprise you – it’s a promise.


  2. Mobi quote “Please don’t go down the road of believing that AA is the be all and end all for the treatment of alcoholics, for it quite clearly isn’t, not that I doubt that it is among the leading success stories with this particular illness”

    Just one question ( you might need to take a look at exactly what your write from time to time )

    If AA is among the leading success stories in Alcoholism, what ARE some other “leading success stories”.

    You should note I really DO READ everything you write,

    Don’t try to fool another alcoholic mate. I know the game real well and have 18 years sober.

    You might find that if you take the 12 steps thoroughly and care of your alcoholism permanently (instead of buying friends you call therapists) the depression will lift. Depression is really just extreme self centeredness IMHO. I’m not going to discourage you from taking phsych meds as they may help in early recovery (they didn’t for me but maybe for you)

    My experience with anxiety and depression (which Doctors were more than happy to take my money to help me with in early recovery ) is that once I treated my alcoholism by working hard at taking the 12 steps (which you have obviously not done) all the symptoms of untreated alcoholism (which you are experiencing ) went away.

    Your blog is a written account of your self centeredness. Rationalizations abound for your behavior concerning your constant poor choice of women, being victimized by them. All your behaivior including writing this blog is all about Mobi isn’t it? When will it be about helping a few people, helping others? Once you wake up and see that the answer is SELFLESSNESS brought about by seeking a spiritual experience I wholly believe you will continue to be plagued by alcoholism.

    Why not really TRY AA Mobi? Obviously you have never really tried AA (honestly worked at taking the 12 steps) If you had, you would not continue to drink.

    In Mobi speak. I urge you to not go down the road of saying AA doesn’t work for you. You never really tried the AA program, you just went to some meetings and talked some.

    Reminder. Doing AA is not going to a few meetings. Doing AA is working the 12 steps. Really doing a 4th step. Really making Amends to all you have harmed. Really helping new alcoholics.


  3. Mobi
    Hope all going well and look foward to next post. Think you hit the nail on the head with regards Tan. Move on and move up mate


  4. Hi Mobi,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time. I’m from Sweden so please dont be to harsh on my english…

    I am also an alcoholic.

    I also love Pattaya and i return as often as i can. My first trip was 2004 and after my divorce of my Swedish wife i really did NOT want to find any new wife…..

    But, as we all know Pattaya is a fantastic place, so i found my new wife on soi Postoffice. We have now been living together in Sweden for 5 years.

    My wife is the absolut opposite of what you normally find in the bars. She have 5 years of academic study in Philosophy, Filosofi and Teologi.
    And yes, she is a Christian!

    She has helpt me to almost stop drinking! I still drink sometimes, specially when i’m on holiday in Pattaya, but i almost control it 100% now here in Sweden.

    What i’m trying to say is that you really CAN meet someone different in the bars, but it is highly unlikely, specially if you want them to be 20-22 years old!!

    Try someone more like 30 years old, then maybe you can meet your soulmate, even in the bars! Forget the young girls, you are not young any more and if you really want someone for more than fucking accept that you’r not!!

    / Joe


  5. Mobi, If you really want to stop drinking your gonna have to take a hard look at your retaliatory behavior,anger and resentment in regards to Thai women you are engaging. These women from poor and less than fortunate circumstances and it’s appalling how you are constantly surprised and feel victimized by them and their behavior. All your problems are of your own making mate. It’s obvious you have made a long series of poor decisions in relationships and finance exacerbated by alcoholism. Take care of the alcoholism and you might find some peace and happiness instead of taunting predictable Thai bar girls whose motivations are always blatantly all too obvious. Sir, you are fooling yourself. You need help for your alcoholism, which Doctors do not have the ability to give.


    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with your comments but am perplexed by your statement:”you are fooling yourself. You need help for your alcoholism, which Doctors do not have the ability to give”

      Why do you say that? I am seeing a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, both of whom have a great deal of experience with alcoholics.

      My therapist has urged me to go back to AA, go to a detox centre and spend more time with my sponsor to try and work the steps.

      More than that, he is also well versed on other, alternative treatments to AA, all of which can work, and all are pretty complimentary to each other.

      I am also working through my problems with him and trying to understand the cause of my relapses. One encouraging point is that I am far from unique in this regard, and many before me have made it in the end.

      He is also encouraging me to get into meditation which again, is not far removed from the spiritual side of AA and other programmes.

      The ‘trick cyclist’ has put me on new meds which have dramatically improved my moods, and he says that the full effect has not yet kicked in. However, excess alcohol will neutralise the effects so I must still work on that side.

      So I would say that on the contrary, one of the best and most positive steps I have taken in years is to seek relevant medical help for my alcoholic and emotional problems.


      1. Simply Sir, to my knowledge Doctors do not have a cure for alcoholism or any successful therapy to give permanent relief. Of all the “treatments” for alcoholism which one has the best and most prominent success rate? I think you’ll find it is AA. Good doctors will be the first to admit that they have no success with chronic alcoholics. Perhaps for early stage alcoholics or hard drinkers (who can stop on willpower) they have some limited success … Chronic alcoholics are beyond human aid and most honest doctors will agree they are not equipped to help, they will simply say, “you need to go to AA and do the 12 steps”


      2. BTW, please don’t take this as a discouragement for seeking a Doctors help which is most definitely a positive step in the right direction. But Doctors help, from my knowledge and probably honest statistics, will not give the permanent relief which can be had from a spiritual awakening attained through doing the AA 12 steps.


      3. I find it very strange that you re telling me that doctors cannot help me, yet by your own admission the good ones will encourage me to go to AA, OR to some alternative treatment centre which also have some success in treating alcoholics.

        Indeed my therapist is encouraging me very strongly to go back to AA, as a PART of my recovery process, and sooner or later I will do just that. So from your point of view that would be good for me and it wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t sought doctors’ help.

        Please don’t go down the road of believing that AA is the be all and end all for the treatment of alcoholics, for it quite clearly isn’t, not that I doubt that it is among the leading success stories with this particular illness.

        Many well meaning commentators, some who have had many years professional experience with alcoholics, have exhorted me for months to seek the help of a therapist.

        This is because I am also suffering from severe depression, am sometimes suicidal and have severe emotional traumas as well as being a chronic alcoholic.

        It is a three prong attack: AA attendance, Medication (via a psychiatrist), and therapy. Right now I am feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago and although it is early days, I believe that I am making progress.

        So I understand your comments are well meaning, but with the the greatest respect don’t knock the doctors – as whether you believe it or not, they probably know far more about this problem than you do.


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