Jomtien, 25th July, 2010.

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I’m still sober, I am feeling more cheerful and positive every day, and I’m still spending most of my days alone, although I do own up to having had female company for the past two nights.

On Friday I made a brief trip to an up-market, “gentlemen’s club at which Tukta, (my last ‘live in’), had recently returned to work.

The main purpose of my visit was to return yet more clothes that had somehow disappeared in the bowels of the laundry for the past week or so and had suddenly re-appeared in my laundry bag that I had just collected.

I had called Tukta to report the discovery of some of her missing clothes, and we agreed to meet at the club and arrange a handover.

She wasn’t there when I arrived late afternoon so I allowed myself to be entertained by two delightful, scantily clad lovelies until Tukta eventually deigned to make an appearance.  I made the handover, and soon decided that I wasn’t going to take advantage of the numerous offers that were continually being sent my way.

So when Tukta disappeared to powder her nose, I used the opportunity to make myself scarce.

I decided to try out a ‘down-market ‘short time’ bar in one of the backstreets of Jomtien which had re-opened a few months back under new ownership after having been lying fallow for quite a while.

This particular establishment has pretty good food at the cheapest prices I have come across in Pattaya. Not that I am a ‘cheap Charlie’, per se, but like most of us in these hard times, if I can save a few bob on a meal without sacrificing quality to any great extent, then why not?

But no amount of good, cheap food would entice me into a bar if they didn’t have an ample supply of fair maidens to titillate my sexual palate, so I was happy to see that although the overall quality of the female employees was not much to write home about, at least there was a plentiful supply. Furthermore a significant minority would have done justice to any bar in town.

I have always found it somewhat strange that the there is not a huge disparity between the prices charged at the up-market gentlemen’s clubs and the down-market ‘erk’s’ bars. Sure it can add up but I reckon it’s more a question of perception than price.

Most expatriate business men wouldn’t be seen dead in the Jomtien ‘den of vice’ but would be more than happy to sample the delights of the gentlemen’s club with all the bowing and scraping, the Jacuzzis, the deep leather sofas and well appointed rooms. Conversely, I doubt whether many of the ‘erks’, (mainly working class Brits), who patronise the Jomtien bar would have any desire to sample the delights of the gentleman’s club.

As for Mobi – well he’s is just as much at home in either setting. Bar Girls are bar girls and most of them could be easily interchangeable into either setting. They just act out their roles, according to the customer’s needs.

As I parked my car up, the unattached girls all formed a line outside the bar, waiting for me to choose one to sit with. I chose what I considered the prettiest of the bunch and we sat down to get to know each other.

I ordered my meal. The generous plate of fish and chips that was served up was quite tasty and was so large that I was unable to finish it.

The young lady who I had selected to sit with told me a pretty convincing story along the lines that she had only been on the ‘game’ for a few weeks having previously worked in Bangkok in a ‘respectable job. She was young and quite pretty, but for some unaccountable reason, I decided to pass on the young lady and move onto pastures new.

There was a new-ish bar on the Darkside that had been opened for a few months, but which I had not yet tried out due to negative reports reaching my ears on the quality of the ladies

Apparently all the ladies in this establishment had left their better days way behind and many were in the twilights of their careers.

So I was in for a pleasant surprise when I entered the large establishment. It was Friday night and there was a lively atmosphere; loads of women and quite a few punters. The place was very decently decked out with a well-appointed bar and ‘smooching’ booths; a pool table at the back and TV screens everywhere tuned to sports channels. The music was loud but not too loud and was a good eclectic mixture of oldies.

I looked around at the girls. They were much better than I had been led to expect. Many of the younger and prettiest ones were already hanging on the necks of punters ensconced at the bar, but there were still plenty of unattached ladies, some of which looked to be highly delectable.

I made my choice of the ones who had assembled near my table and the selected lady made a deep, over-exaggerated bow and seemed to be delighted to come over and sit with me. She was an extremely pretty young lady dressed in a pair of those micro jeans shorts that showed off her unbelievably sexy thighs in the best possible light.

She had only been there for two weeks, didn’t speak a single word of English and was so happy to meet a customer she could talk to in her own language. She explained that this had been a big impediment to her going out or having a short time with a customer and she was still a ‘virgin’ as far as bar work was concerned.

As we chatted, there seemed little doubt that this was the case, and as you will see later, even the other girls at the bar confirmed that she was indeed completely new to the game.

She really wanted to go home with me and I was more than happy to oblige. She was 22 and had one baby, although when later in my room, I undertook a micro examination of her body, I failed to detect any sign that she had once given birth. Her body seemed to be absolutely perfect in every regard.

Even after all these years, I never cease to experience new ‘firsts’ in Thailand and on last Friday night I experienced another ‘first’ which I have been delighted to add to my collection.

After we had showered and retired to the master bed, the young lady suddenly jumped up from the bed, scampered into the bathroom and reappeared with a container of Johnson’s baby powder and proceeded to powder my body from head to foot before we got down to the business at hand. (no pun intended).

It was all very nice and I know that she enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.

I dropped her back at her room the next morning, (Saturday), just before noon and then decided to drive up to the lake and have breakfast at my old haunt – the bar where Tan worked.

Tan, my erstwhile girl friend; Tan – the one who broke my heart a month or so back when she had walked out on me. I had been back to the bar only a couple of times; on both occasions with a girl on each arm which were deliberately designed to provoke Tan into fits of anger.

In this respect they succeeded admirably and my first visit following the break-up even resulted in an abusive sms from her  along the lines that “I’m not jealous! and you can go and fuck both of them!”

Tan was still working there but patently ignored me. However I was welcomed back by all of the remaining staff, including the husband and wife owners, who seemed genuinely pleased to have me back as a customer after my prolonged absence.

The breakfast was so huge that I couldn’t finish it. Of late my appetite has been quite curtailed. I still eat well, but nowhere near as much as I used to, and for the first time in my life I am finding that I can’t always finish a meal. I don’t know why this is, but I’m not worrying about it as I need to lose some weight and this reduction in appetite is helping me in this regard.

The presence of Tan didn’t bother me in the slightest – quite unlike my feelings on the previous occasion I had been there. I felt nothing – I believe I am truly over her.

After a couple of hours at the bar, I drove home, only to retrace my steps later that afternoon to meet up with a couple of friends at another bar by the lake for a bit of a chinwag.

We eventually made our way to ‘Tan’s bar’ and spent another hour or so there quietly chatting, while on the other side of the large circular bar there was a group of drunks, including the English owner, who were becoming very noisy and ever more inebriated.

At length my colleagues departed to return  to their homes and their loving wives, so I too decided to leave the drunks to it and retrace my steps back to my newly discovered bar of yesterday.

I was hoping to meet up with the lovely girl who had gone home with me the previous evening, but even before I took one step inside, two girls came over and told me that my particular young lovely had taken the day off.

I thought this sounded a tad suspicious and decided it was far more likely that she had found another customer, but as the evening wore on I became convinced that she really hadn’t gone top work that day, although why I had no idea, as we had made firm arrangements to meet again that evening. Maybe, in the course of time I will find out what happened.

Anyway, I wasn’t that bothered to find myself  a ‘free agent’ yet again and the girls were all lining up to take care of me.

I chose another young lady as a substitute and if anything,  she was even prettier and sexier than the beauty of the previous night.

This lady did speak a little English – although not too much. She was only 22, and had no children. She told me she had been working there for two months and before that she had worked in many of the major department stores in Bangkok for several years, as a sales rep selling brand clothes.

She seemed to be a very nice lady and we spent a couple of hours talking about her life and her work in Bangkok and what she thought of her career as a bar girl.

She was completely honest and told me that during the past two months that she had been working there, she had been with 5 men, one of whom she stayed with for 2 weeks.

She told me that she had decided that bar girl life wasn’t for her and that she was going to quit at the end of the month and had already contacted her previous employer in Bangkok who had agreed to take her back and a sales rep.

As with the previous night’s choice, this lady was also dressed extremely seductively.

She wore a white, jean miniskirt with those tantalising frayed strands tickling her slightly plump, but very appealing upper thighs, and her top was a black, lacy, see-through affair which revealed a beautifully flat midriff.

She was very keen to go home with me, so who was I to refuse?

It was 9.30 and I was hungry. I had only had a breakfast that day.

I decided to return to Tan’s bar as the scheduled Karaoke should be a bit of fun, and they would also have some free food.

The lady was happy to go with me and when she came back with a change of clothes I was quite taken aback. She was immaculately turned out in a pair of tightly tailored fashion black jeans  which were complemented by a very modest, half-sleeved dark purple top. It was such a contrast from her bar girl kit, and quite a surprise for carousing Mobi who was used to his ladies always dressing in a very revealing manner.

But she looked perfect – as far removed from a bar girl image than you can imagine. I suppose it was all those years selling clothes in the top department stores that had given her a sense of fashion.

It was fine by me and off we went.

During the journey, she asked me about the lady of the previous evening. I told her that I had taken the lady home and she expressed surprise as she confirmed that the lady in question was very new and very shy and I had been her very first farang. I felt honoured indeed!

It had been raining which drastically reduced the karaoke turnout. I almost didn’t stop but my rumbling tummy decided the day and we alighted from the car to intense scrutiny from the assembled staff and customers.

As we entered the bar area I noticed that a remnant from the group of drunks that had patronised the afternoon session were still there, and those left standing looked drunker than ever. The small group now consisted of an English man, his Thai wife, and a Scotsman who was staying at one of the bungalows at the rear of the bar.

The music was loud and the singing execrable! But my partner didn’t seem to mind and we soon stuffed our stomachs on the free food and settled down to watch the entertainment. My lady was all over me. I hate to admit it but I was almost embarrassed.

She hugged me and kissed me and refused to stop. I don’t usually condone this kind of behaviour in public, but I decided what the hell? If I can’t beat it join it and before long I was giving as good as I was getting. Tan of course was there, and I don’t mind admitting that I did derive some perverse pleasure in ‘snogging’ in front of my ‘ex’ who had summarily dismissed me just a couple of months back.

I do try very hard not to bare any resentment – as I know it isn’t good for me – but none of us is perfect, least of all the badly flawed Mobi.  I secretly hoped that Tan was furtively watching the ‘action’ and eating her heart out. I doubt it, but regardless,  it was all in good fun.

As the evening wore on the drunks became ever drunker and once the Thai music started I had a feeling that all this was going to end badly.

When they started playing ‘Luk Tung’, the drunks predictably started dancing.  By this time the drunken group also included a couple of a couple of drunken Thais who had come with the karaoke and an outrageous lady boy who worked at the bar, as well as the aforementioned Englishman, his Thai wife and the Scotsman.

The dancing became ever more drunken, manic and suggestive. The two men started holding and dancing with each other, then with the lady-boy, and then the Scotsman started dancing with the equally drunk Thai wife, his hands all over her arse and tits.

I knew this could lead to nothing but trouble and sure enough, about ten minutes later the Thai wife was swearing blue murder at the well built Scotsman and tried to throw a punch at him. Her husband seemed to think that his drunken wife was at fault and tried to lead her away from the trouble but she was proving very difficult, as many of you who have had the pleasure of being around angry, drunken Thai women can testify to.

The Scotsman started to hurl abuse at the two of them, whereupon the Englishman turned about and returned to the bar to take up the fight. He was closely followed by his wife, also swearing like the proverbial trooper.

It was fast getting out of hand when the equally drunk bar owner stepped in and tried to separate the two warring factions.

For few seconds it was a free for all, but help was at hand in the guise of the completely sober, diminutive Thai wife of the drunken British bar owner. She appeared from nowhere and shouted at her husband and the Scotsman, reached up and grabbed the Scotsman and literally dragged him away from the fray to the other side of the bar and ordered him to stay there.

As with all good drunken brawls, the participants were far from satisfied and continued to snarl and swear under their breath while shouting occasional, semi-stifled abusive comments across the bar at their respective protagonists.

I watched it simmering for a while, loving every moment.

After a while the outraged Scotsman could stand it no longer and walked back around the bar and started talking to the Englishman.  He seemed to be trying to make up and at first it appeared to be an innocuous enough exchange, but suddenly the two were at each other’s throats again, and once more ‘Mrs Mine Host’ had to rush to the rescue and separate the warring factions before any permanent injury was inflicted on either party.

The fracas seemed to have blown itself out for the time being, the music was cranked up once more and my little darling decided it was time to play pool with the bar girls.

I watched the game with interest but kept a quiet eye on the Scotsman who adamantly refused to call it a night and I could now see was still simmering with anger. All combatants were continuing to drink and that wasn’t going to help matters.

I’m no expert in these matters and I do appreciate the need to molly coddle high spending customers, but this bar is probably the most successful bar around the lake and in my book all three should have been ordered out and told to go home and sleep it off.

Although I was personally enjoying it, a number of punters had left as soon as the fracas commenced, as for them the idea of a good evening out is not being in the front stalls to watch a live drunken brawl.

As it was, the beer was continuing to feed their resentment and anger and sure enough, just as my lady was about to pot the black, the Scotsman walked around the bar once again and threw a hay-maker at the Englishman. The Englishman tried to retaliate with his Thai wife screaming blue murder close behind him. The drunken owner rushed over once more and managed to get the large Scotsman in a neck-hold and proceeded to drag him around the bar.

The pool cues went flying as the girls scrambled out of the path of the marauding men. For a moment I thought that the Scotsman’s head was going to end up in the glass door of a cold drink cabinet, but just at that moment, one of the drunken Thai men approached the pair from the rear and gave the Scotsman an enormous whack on the head with an empty coke bottle which immediately shattered.

Once he had delivered his ‘hammer-blow’ the Thai man turned tail and exited the bar, still holding the neck of the bottle.

This didn’t seem to faze the Scotsman who was still struggling to free himself from the owner and renew the fight. But by this time, blood was streaming from his bald head and the owner persuaded him to stop the struggle and look at his head. Mrs Mine Host then reappeared and told the Scotsman in no uncertain terms to stay where he was.

The girls completed their game and the played another.

The drunks continued to drink in separate parts of the bar, but this time it really did seem that the fight was at an end.

The Scotsman had his admirers around him, fawning over him, shaking his hand and swabbing the nasty cut in his head. The English/Thai couple were also being entertained by their own friends at the bar.

Two separated, drunken groups; both convinced that they had been outraged by the opposing party. An hour previously, they had all been drinking together in happy oblivion, slapping each other on their backs and telling each other hilarious jokes.

If anyone ever needed a reason not to drink, this was one. The whole affair had been created and fed by alcohol, from start to finish, and they were all lucky that there were not more serious injuries.

As a post script, the Thai man who had wielded the blow returned 30 minutes later and completely denied having carried out the dastardly act – despite the fact that several of us, including the venerable Mobi had been eye witness to the event. His version of events was that the Thai wife had carried out the act, which was a complete fabrication of the truth!

On another time, on another occasion, the Thai man could have easily been carrying a gun and could have shot the farang dead. He looked mean enough to have perpetrated such a crime, and it has certainly been known to happen in this wonderful land of smiles.

It was around midnight when we finally got into my car for the journey home.

My lady had earlier commented to me on Tan – pointing her out to me and saying how beautiful she was. She had no idea that Tan was my ‘ex’. I didn’t want to say anything at the bar, but didn’t want to lie to her,  so I told her that I would tell her something about Tan later.

As we were driving back to my condo she asked me to tell her about Tan, so I told her all about my 2 month affair. When I had finished, she told me that she already knew, because the girls she had been playing pool with had told her everything. She also told me that Tan had said to the other girls that my new girl friend wasn’t very pretty!!

All good fun !

Once again I had an absolutely ‘out of this world’ experience with this lovely 22 year old who was as horny as hell!

For those who are awaiting the next instalment of the Mobi Vignette “Nid”, I am planning to turn my undivided attention to this task over the Buddhist 2 day holiday, assuming some pesky Thai ladies don’t get in my way.

3 thoughts on “Jomtien, 25th July, 2010.”

  1. Not sure I understand how a real alcoholic could expect to stay sober in early sobriety frequenting bars. Even with the motive of food and women. In the early stage of the game it would be too easy to “just have one” and then it’s off to the races. One drink almost invariably leads to another and then another etc…

    All the best sir. I wish you well, although from this alcoholics view, I would think one who as been through the ringer with booze as you would take a few extra precautions and not frequent bars until there is sufficient relief from the disease.


    1. Thank you for your comment, the gist of which is completely valid.

      I have written about the business of me frequenting bars in today’s bog.

      Thank you for reading my blog.


      1. Dear Sir,
        Your welcome. I do wish you well and comment only because I wish you success in overcoming the drink problem. I have read your July 27th blog. While it’s commendable that you stayed sober for many months previously and did frequent bars during the interval unfortunately the sobriety was not sustainable and permanent. The AA program speaks to the fact that unless an alcoholic has the essential psychic change sobriety if any will be precarious and temporary. Here is an excerpt from the Doctors opinion chapter:

        Men and women drink essentially because they like the
        effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that,
        while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time
        differentiate the true from the false. To them, their alco-
        holic life seems the only normal one. They are restless,
        irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience
        the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by tak-
        ing a few drinks–d rinks which they see others taking with
        impunity. After they have succumbed to the desire again,
        as so many do, and the phenomenon of craving develops,
        they pass through the we ll-known stage s of a spree, emerg-
        ing remorseful, with a firm resolution not to drink again.
        This is repeated over and over, and unless this person can
        experience an entire psychic change there is very little hope
        of his recovery.

        Men have cried out to me in sincere and despairing ap-
        peal: “Doctor, I cannot go on like this! I have everything
        to live for! I must stop, but I cannot! You must help me!”
        Faced with this problem, if a doctor is honest with him-
        self, he must sometimes feel his own inadequacy. Although
        he gives all that is in him, it often is not enough. One feels
        that something more than human power is needed to pro-
        duce the essential psychic change. Though the aggregate
        of recoveries resulting from psychiatric effort is consider-
        able , we physicians must admit we have made little
        impression upon the problem as a whole. Many types do
        not respond to the ordinary psychological approach.

        Sir, I found I was of the “type” that didn’t respond to the ordinary psychiatric approach. If you feel you may be of that type, I found the last house on the block is the spiritual approach posed by AA. It is sad but many alcoholics die before they are willing to seek a Higher Power to solve their problem. I hope you are not one of them as it’s obvious you have quite a talent for writing and could contribute a lot to helping alcoholics once you have completed the steps and have arrived at the stage where you are ready to help others.


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