Jomtien, 22nd July, 2010

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I am still sober and the new meds seem to be lifting my mood.

Yesterday I stayed in all day and in the evening I went out to have a bite to eat before dropping into one of the many ‘short time bars’ that I patronise from time to time. The bar was air conditioned and also sported a swimming pool which was available for customers and girls alike. (No, it wasn’t Black Pearl).

This particular bar struggled for a long time when it first opened, but now seems to have found its niche and does a steady, if unspectacular trade.

I hadn’t been there for a while and was taken aback by the number of customers and girls when I walked into the gloomy room.

I soon realised that the farangs were all golfers and were stopping off at their chosen “19th hole” on their way back from a day on the golf course. I can always tell the golf crowd. All wearing clean, smart t-shirts over khaki shorts which fell below the knees.. The men were all of a certain age – early 50’s to late 60’s and were sipping their beers in one hand while other hand was strategically placed either up a lady’s skirt or down a bra-less top. Most of them appeared to Brits, and none of them spoke more than a couple of words of Thai.

The ladies were lucky if they received more than one drink for putting up with this gratuitous groping but did their duty for their employers and stoically withstood the assault on their bodies, without complaint and with the ubiquitous bar girl smile rarely leaving their faces.

I sat alone and watched the proceedings.

Many of the girls recognised me and smiled in my direction.

I had been there about 20 minutes when the golfers decided it was time to scurry home to wives and girlfriends, and in a remarkably short period of time, the bar was totally bereft of customers, with Mobi being the sole survivor of the mass exodus.

A couple more girls appeared from the back room drying the hair with towels. I asked them why they were wet and one of them explained tom me that shortly before I had arrived, a particular unpleasant character had asked the two of them to go for a swim naked in the pool and he would give them a generous tip.

They had walked down to the pool with the intention of taking of their clothes, whereupon the farang had pushed both of them into the pool, fully clothed and then had promptly taken off without so much as a backwards glance.

I expressed my sympathies and offered them a consolation drink, upon which a few more ladies came over to welcome me, complaining that I hadn’t been there for a long time. A group of us sat at the bar and reminisced about where we had seen each other before and what had happened to the relationships many of us had entered into over the past year or so.

A recurring theme was the unkind manner in which many farang boyfriends had treated their ladies. Many of them had been cheated, and all complained about how their ex farang boyfriends had been bad to them and lied to them over and over.

It’s a funny old world. For sure, some of the ladies’ stories may have been twisted or exaggerated, but there is no doubt in my mind that there is a sub-class of farangs living in Pattaya, generally from badly educated, low class backgrounds, who survive here on very meagre incomes.

Many of these farangs have learned how to play the game even better than the bar girls who taught them, and I know from personal experience that some will abuse and deceive these girls and kick them out on a whim before moving on to find a new lady to con.

As the evening wore on, I found myself on the sofa with two nice ladies – one I had known for a long time and who had just returned to work after just such an abusive relationship as described above; the other, a pretty, 23year old who I had also known for a while and who was becoming more affectionate by the minute.

At length I agreed to take them out for the evening, and after a quick stop by my condo, we went to one of the large Thai night clubs on Third Road where they had very loud Thai bands performing Thai pop songs to their adoring fans.

I had been there before and as usual I was the only farang in the place. Not a single word of English could be found anywhere – not on the signs outside, the drinks menu, food menus, and so on. Clearly non- Thais were not wanted.

The girls ordered a jug of beer and they laughed their heads off when I insisted on ordering a bottle of water. They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen and simply couldn’t believe that a farang would refuse to even drink one glass of beer.

A few weeks ago I would have almost surely given up and drank the proffered beer. In fact many of my relapses have occurred when I was out with a lady and she has asked me if I wanted beer, and after considering the suggestion for a brief moment have thought: “Why not?”, which would then precipitate yet another relapse.

But on this occasion, nothing could have been further from my mind than the very idea of having a beer, and I stuck to my guns – and my bottle of water.

It was a good evening. The girls got a bit tipsy on 2 jugs of beer, but behaved impeccably. The music was a little on the loud side for me these days, but I did enjoy the change of ‘pace’ and scene.

By midnight the huge club was packed out. Quite remarkable for a Wednesday evening.

At the respectable time of 12.30 the girls decided to call it a night. It was agreed that the 23 year old would go back to the condo with me and the other lady would take a motorbike back to her room.

I finally got to sleep at around 2.30 am after a very satisfying ‘experience’.

We slept soundly until nearly 11. a.m. whereupon my lady woke me up to give me a special ‘morning surprise’!

During our post-coitous, late morning cuddle, she told me that she had a boyfriend from England.

I was a little surprised by this revelation but wasn’t particularly bothered. She told me that he came to see her every January and stayed for a couple of months. He then called her regularly to find out what she was up to, but that when she went to sleep with a man she turned her phone off so that she didn’t have to lie to him.

I was still absorbing this interesting little tidbit of information when she decided to continue with her confessions.

“Actually”, she said, “I have several boyfriends. I have one from Germany, one from Holland, and another from Belgium”.

“That’s a lot of boyfriends!” I exclaimed. “How do you keep them all apart?”

“Oh, I am very lucky. My English boy friend comes in January, my Belgium boyfriend comes in March, my German man will be here next month, and the Dutchman comes in October”.

“So it was quite fortuitous that you managed to fit me in then?” I commented with a wry smile.

“Yes, you are fortunate. I am a very busy lady. I have no children of my own but I still have to take care of my parents and my older sister who lives at home with two babies.”

Such is the life and times of the lovely ladies of the night who frequent the bars, kareokes, massage parlours and night clubs of Thailand.

One thought on “Jomtien, 22nd July, 2010”

  1. So nice to read your post that is of the glass half full attitude. Mobi. I must admit I’m jealous of the 23 year old interaction. Maybe some day I will be so fortunate.

    Some guys have all the luck!

    Stay sober, screw like the Easter Bunny but do not move them in with you. It appears as soon as you do is when things take a turn for the worse. Build your self a harem of girls until one of them proves worthy of a larger role in your life. I think when your drinking you settle for less in cliber in order to make yourself feel better for the short term. My advise is to play the short game with as many desirable women as possible until the right one turns up worthy of long term consideration

    Lets face it, we’ve both seen more yesterdays than we’ll see tomorrows. Time is premium, so don’t waste anymore of it on self destructive behaviors.

    I am also happy to hear you are seeking professional help. I think it is money well spent in the long run.



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