Jomtien, 2oth July, 2010.

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Just a brief note to let you all know that I am still sober and all things considered,  I am not feeling too bad.

Yesterday I saw a psychiatrist in Bangkok who has changed my medication, and today I had my second session with the therapist.

All being well I will write a proper blog tomorrow as I plan to spend most of the day at home.

As mentioned yesterday, I have now re-opened my blog to comments and last night I received an extremely unpleasant and insulting comment from someone called “Oscar”.

Oscar clearly went out of his way to abuse me, belittle me and to do everything he possible could to cause me further emotional distress. He even tried to goad me into committing suicide.

Oscar is now blocked from making further comments, and if he is reading this I strongly suggest that he seek treatment. He is clearly even more dysfunctional than me and is in urgent need of help, for no one who is in a normal, well balanced state of mind would write the sort of invective such that contained in the comment that he tried to post on my blog.

What did he hope to achieve , I wonder? The death of someone he has never met?

It is quite troubling.

4 thoughts on “Jomtien, 2oth July, 2010.”

  1. Hmm…

    You have a murderer reading your blog. Nice.

    Don’t know if you should be proud or scared.


  2. Mobi
    Always remember there is a silent majority out here that follow your blog daily. We may not say much but the insight into your battle help us to plough on and sometimes put our own life & problems into perspective. Yes sometimes I do shout at the computer and say ” NO Mobi you are being a prat” but I also tend to shout that warning at myself on a daily basis.
    Don’t let the twats like Oscar get to you. just think about us silent ones for whom you bring hope and enjoyment


  3. i should not worry to much about abusive comments mate , the thai forums just seem to be full of bitter and twisted little men . i suppose they are untraceable and it just adds stature to them in their own minds , i enjoy your blogs , dont agree with you 100% but that does not make me sit slavering at the keyboard to put you (or anyone else ) down . there,s a german word for it , escapes me at the moment
    anyway keep it up mate , nice to read a bit of from the heart honesty


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