Jomtien, 15th July 2010.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m still alive and still sober.

It’s been an eventful couple of days and I hope to recount what has happened in detail tomorrow.

For now I will just confirm that I made it to Bangkok for my appointment with the therapist, despite feeling very unwell on Tuesday morning.

It was a good session and we will continue. He also recommended that I see a psychiatrist who I will now be seeing next Monday, before my second session with the therapist next Tuesday.

As my day in Bangkok wore on I felt more and more unwell, but managed to make it to Dave’s house around noon for my planned visit.

I thought I may be feeling so ill because I hadn’t eaten, so accepted Dave’s invitation to have some home cooked Indian curry, following which, I felt even sicker.

By 3 p.m. I was feeling so bad, that I decided if I didn’t make an immediate run for Pattaya, I might be stuck in Bangkok with some unknown illness.

So I did make a run for it and in spite of feeling increasingly sick, I managed the drive back to Jomtien without incident, arriving home at 4.45 p.m.

As soon as I walked into my bedroom, I felt extremely nauseous and just made it to the toilet in time to throw up all my lunch and a lot more besides. This is most unusual for me as I haven’t thrown up in years – not through countless drinking binges and many cases of severe food poisoning.  But this all changed last Tuesday evening and I spent the next hour in the bathroom retching like there was no tomorrow.

Tukta chose this precipitous moment to opt out of our relationship. In between retching, I called to enquire her whereabouts and she told me she wanted out and would not be coming to see me that evening. I told her I was sick, but that didn’t cut any ice with this particular Thai ice maiden. (more about this tomorrow).

I still wasn’t sure what was wrong with me as I hadn’t experienced any problems with my bowel movements – a sure sign that I might have food poisoning yet again. But I didn’t have to wait long. When the retching urge finally started to subside, my bowels opened and the diarrhoea commenced. I passed water for the next few hours and became weaker and weaker.

It was now clear that I had some kind of food poisoning, so I dosed myself regularly with electrolytes and decided to lie down to wait out the course of my illness.

I was feeling very poorly, with no help at hand, but what could I do?

The illness raged all night and all Wednesday morning and afternoon. But by late afternoon I felt and observed signs of improvement.

Since then it has been a steady recovery but I still feel quite weak. It was a remarkably speedy turnaround and although I am still far from 100%, at least the diarrhoea seems to have finally stopped and I have been able to get out and about.

In fact I did go out late Wednesday afternoon and evening and have been out for most of today – including my first attendance at an AA meeting for many weeks.

More about all this tomorrow.

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