Jomtien, 12th July, 2010.

As you may have noticed, I have been tinkering with the ‘appearance’ of my blog.

Unfortunately it has become more of an onerous task than I had anticipated. Originally, I only wished to change the format in order to accommodate a larger and squarer “Header” photograph, but when I changed one thing it had a knock on effect on many other aspects of my blog layout, including the title headers and colours.

So have had to do a fair bit of work to get the blog back into a readable and acceptable state, and my apologies to those who have been reading it during the intervening period, when at times it might not have been readable.

I am, after all, a 64 year old drunk with minimal computer skills, so these things don’t come so easily to me as to some of you young computer-literates out there. I am pretty much self taught since I came to Thailand, as in my business career I was too molly coddled and everything of a technical nature was taken care of for me. (I even dictated my e-mails).

I will just report that I am still sober and actually feeling not too bad. I know it is barely 48 hours since my last drink, but compared to how I felt even yesterday afternoon, I have to say I feel a lot better, mentally and physically.

My withdrawal from alcohol has followed its normal path. Very depressed, lethargic and feeling very ill for the first 24 hours and a gradual improvement thereafter.

I sleep for long periods, but fitfully and have extremely vivid dreams. I usually wake up very early, turn on the TV and eventually drift off again for several hours and wake late morning.

This is quite normal for me when I come off the booze. I also think I was addicted to Xanax so that should be well out of my system and the withdrawal feelings have now gone.

My mental state is not too bad and I still have the Tukta here looking after me.

There have been a few calls from a few ladies who have wondered where I have disappeared to, including the so-called ‘virgin’ from Walking Street who is now in Khon Kaen but wants to back to Pattaya and live with me and take care of me.

It is tempting, but she is even younger than Tan so I think I will pass. She keeps calling. It is becoming a bit of a nuisance. I have to put my phone on ‘silent’ and then I miss important calls.

Tomorrow I will drive to Bangkok for my appointment with the psychotherapist. After that I will drop by and see Dave, (the alcoholic who has more lives than me). Remarkably, he claims to have been sober and more or less clear of prescription drugs for quite a while.

In fact he has been very supportive to me just lately and helped me through some of my darker moments.

So I will see him for a couple of hours before driving back to Pattaya tomorrow evening.

All being well I will unblock the comments section later this week, when I return from Bangkok – hopefully still sober.

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