Jomtien, 28th June, 2010. Still sober

I spent yesterday evening in my condo with a lady who came around to see me in the afternoon.

She watched Thai TV in the lounge while I started to watch the football in my bedroom. After the first goal I decided to watch some old “Seinfeld” TV episodes instead to cheer me up, and every few minutes I would switch back to the football to check England’s descent into ignominy.

It seemed like every time I checked, Germany had scored another goal. At first I sort of took it in my stride and kept laughing at Kramer and George and Elaine’s crazy antics, but after the fourth German goal, it was difficult to even raise a smile.

I am not a fanatical football supporter, but I have been a Tottenham (“Spurs”) supporter for over fifty years and used to watch them regularly when I lived in England. So I know what disappointment and despair is all about.

I also attended that famous Euro-cup football match at the old Wembley in 1996 when England were beaten by Germany on penalties.

On that occasion, I was so devastated, because England still actually played half way decent football in those days, and didn’t deserve to lose. I remember wandering the streets of North London all night, emotionally drained from the experience, and resolved to never again let myself get so involved in what after all, is only a game of football.

And so it has been the case. I rarely watch ‘nerve tingling’ matches, be they club or internationals, as I just don’t want to have that kind of emotional experience again. It may lead me to a drink and that would be crazy.

Anyway, I knew England would lose. They have played appallingly, and well done Germany for showing us how it should be done.

The lady didn’t work out too well, (You see, even Mobi can’t get it right every time!), and left early this morning.

Today I met a couple of very interesting ladies.

I plan to meet up with them again later on tonight and spend the  evening together.

I will report back in due course.

11 thoughts on “Jomtien, 28th June, 2010. Still sober”

  1. Mobi;

    Your not the first Brit to celebrate the July 4th Independence Day withe a fifth on the third!

    Take Care of Yourself



  2. Never worked out with the lady eh ?

    Maybe you should have allowed her to have multiple orgasms just by holding your dick, for a guy that is so irresistible to women, you sure can’t hold on to them can you?
    Do you really think that young attractive Thai Girls are turned on by men old enough to be their Grandfather, who are in very poor health with various ailments, totally out of shape and Alcoholic to boot ?
    C’mon Mobi, you cannot be serious.
    You explain in your blog how your life has been spent, I see nothing that would suggest your are a regular Don Juan. Now you are 64 Years old and pay financially vulnerable SE Asian girls for sex, you have become the worlds greatest lover ?
    Oh Dear, best you get back on the bottle mate….


    1. Heh Heh Heh : “You can’t be serious!!” You beginning to sound like John McEnroe.

      You just can’t accept it can you? You are probably half my age and so inadequate that it really galls you that a 60 year old man can turn on these girls so easily. Otherwise why do you keep writing and hurl insults at me. I only wrote the truth. Envy, it would seem, knows no bounds.

      I will close this topic with a small anecdote.

      I have an an American friend who is an old S E Asia hand and has spent much time in Thailand and Cambodia. He much prefers Cambodian women as he finds Thai girls too demanding and money grabbing.

      A short while back I was seriously considering moving to Cambodia when I left my wife. One day, this friend was visiting with me in Pattaya and I took him around some of my girlie haunts.

      At then end of the day my friend – who remember does not like Thailand – said to me that I would be crazy to leave Thailand.

      He had been astonished with the way all the girls interacted with me and almost fell over themselves to fondle me and for me to fondle and play with them. Also the way we were all clearly enjoying the interaction and the jokes – all in Thai of course – with me. He said he could see they all really liked me and he had never seen anything like it in his life.

      So eat your heart out my friend. I may be a sick, pathetic, alcoholic 64 year old, but I can assure you that I certainly don’t look like it, nor do I behave like it. especially when I am sober, which I am right now.

      BTW, I forgot to mention – she did have multiple orgasms – not by holding my dick, but by Mobi using his magic tongue and fingers. She just didn’t turn me on too much. Shit happens….



  3. Can’t gjve you any help or advice this time, I am not into football. But it looks not good. Stay sober mate, this is not a good time to go on the juice.


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