Jomtien, 27th June, 2010.

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Here is “Rebel’s” comment to today’s blog, and my response thereto.

I get the impression you resent being taken for your money. It seems being judged by your readers regarding your sexual conquest/preference may be a sore spot, since you devoted more than half of today’s blog to the concept. When I read your writings it seems how much, how often and how young is a common theme. You also speak often of the depression while sobering up and sleeping alone that you seem to resent too. The longer you remain sober the more pronounced your resentments may materialize. Because you do not seek revenge doesn’t not mean you are resentment free is my only point Mobi.

Glad to see you’re sober and enjoying your wicked ways! Vitamin V has made many of men legends in our own minds.

I don’t think you get why people think sin city is the wrong environment to wage the battle on the bottle. Its not the pussy, it’s the alcohol in the bars where the pussy trade is conducted that is your Achilles heel.

Many of these women use drink/drug as a coping skill too?

The amount or age of pussy one gets does not in it self make a person good or bad. It is how you treat the owner of that pussy(Drunk or sober) that determines your level of humanity. I have never met an alcoholic without a degree of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality disorder.

You would know better than I as to the sexual nature of Thai bargirls. It appears you paint all Thai women with the same broad brush in my humble opinion.

Good Luck and Stay Sober Mobi!

And my response:

Rebel, I appreciate all your comments but sometimes I think you are in danger of over- analysing my ramblings.

I don’t often write about the details of my sexual encounters and my views on the sex trade and Thai prostitutes. In fact it is the first time in this blog – ever – that I have gone into any kind of detail on this subject. I just decided it was worth a few paragraphs, as my behaviour seems to have bothered a few of the ‘holier than thou’ brigade lately, so I thought it would be an idea to put my point of view, based on may years of observation and experience.

Don’t forget I speak pretty good Thai and that in itself often gives me special insight as to what motivates these women and what they are thinking and doing.

Often, they tell me these things of their own volition, once I gain their confidence and they regard me as a “Thai’ friend.

Of course I generalised – which I accept is always a bit dangerous, and there many women out there who do not fit the stereotypes that I have written about. It is actually quite a complex subject, and frankly, is a subject that is written about ‘ad nauseam’ on internet forums, the net in general and is even the subject of dozens of novels and short stories. It is for this reason I rarely express my views on this or write much about it.

I have no great desire to get into a protracted debate about the Thai sex industry or Thai whores and what motivates them. I know what I know, and that is that.

I admit that right now the Thai sex industry is the background of much of my activities here, but much more so since I discovered my wife was cheating on me. For the first 4 years of my marriage i was totally faithful, and for most of the 26 years of the marriage before that, I was faithful.

I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but I am not a bad man, I treat every girl, regardless of job or background with total respect, and I am very kind and good to them. Even bar managers/owners/ mama-sans have told me how much they appreciate the way I treat their girls.

And no – I never resent any money I give to any girl for any purpose. They are very welcome to it and I never regret it. They all need it more than I do.

I was only upset with Tan over her attitude and the fact that she never gave me, in my opinion, a fair shake of the dice. I don’t regret what I did for her. I know I got drunk and said a few bad things, but for 99% of the time, I was very, very good, kind and tolerant with her and virtually let her do anything she desired.

But that is all history, and I really don’t regret it. It was good while it lasted and I wish her luck. She is still a nice lady, and maybe one day we can be friends.

Since my last marriage broke up I admit I have become an addict to both sex and booze. It is a stage I am going through and I will eventually kick both addictions. In the mean time my life is what it is.

I will deal with the booze addiction first, and somewhere along the line I will find a nice lady to settle down with and I will stop or curtail my nightly activities and do something more useful with my life.

It will happen – that is for sure.

It’s just a matter of time.

BTW I completely understand the connection between booze and the ladies who work the bars; where the only thing that is sold, apart from sex, is booze. It is a dangerous combination. I accept that.

BTW/BTW I’m sure you will find this difficult to believe also, as even my friends don’t believe me, but I never use Viagra or any other similar drug. I just don’t need to.

Maybe one day……

6 thoughts on “Jomtien, 27th June, 2010.”

  1. Mobi, you are brilliant! Keep going! Hope to eat with you in the Pig and Whistle sometime, next time I am in Pattaya!

    Follow your head, Not your Dick! You will win through!


  2. I have only taken vitamin V once, a friend brought it back from south of the border one holiday. I was busted by the little woman in minutes.( She’s in the medical profession) It was the strongest dose and I was flush from the chest up, like someone suffering a heat illness. I had an erection of a male in puberty viewing photo’s of nude natives in a National Geographic magazine.

    It is good to know it’s available if ever needed though.

    “Rebel, I appreciate all your comments but sometimes I think you are in danger of over- analysing my ramblings.”

    ( A correct assumption Mobi, just part of the dialogue)

    What is the status of your wrist injury? You are posting more often, so I assume you have some use of the right hand.


    1. Glad you are not offended by my reply.

      My wrist is still quite sore but I am able to use my index finger for typing, although after a while the pain starts in my wrist and have to take a rest. The ‘key’ is to use as little pressure as possible. Sometimes I just type through the pain.

      I guess I now have about 10% use of my right hand, but if I exert any pressure or try to close my fist I get sharp pains. I cannot really hold anything in my right hand, not even a spoon to eat with.

      I have just answered two comments and I am already in pain so will stop for a while.

      I see the surgeon on 2nd July.

      Thanks for asking



      1. Water off a ducks back, I practice what I preach so no worries Mobi.

        I finally put two and two together Mobi-Dick………..To funny!


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