Jomtien, 27th June, 2010 – sober for one week.

Yes folks I’m still sober, but as most of you know by now, it’s far too early to get carried away.

Haven’t been doing anything very exciting and it is now 3 p.m. and I am at home – alone.

I have not yet returned to AA meetings, although I do intend to do so eventually, but have been concentrating on working through the AA 12 step programme with my new sponsor.

I met him in Pattaya, but he has since returned to USA so we have daily meetings around noon on the internet which can sometimes last well over two hours.

It has been hard going and I have been giving my sponsor a very hard time. I almost lost him a couple of days back when he insisted that I use certain forms for my 4th Step work and which I refused to use.

It is becoming apparent that I am not your everyday alcoholic, and although in many ways I fit quite well into the ‘alcoholic mould” or stereotype,  in other ways I am not very typical.

In particular, the Big Book states that ‘resentment’ is one of the main problems facing most alcoholics, and if he/she can make list of them, examine them and come to terms with them, then it will go a long way to helping them on their way to sobriety.

I have never been a resentful person.

Angry? Yes. Am I sad about people who have wronged me? Yes. Do I bear resentment? No. Do I plan revenge? No.

I explained to my sponsor that the main source of past resentment was my father, but in recent years I have come to realise that he was a victim of his circumstances and upbringing, and he probably had no idea how much his behaviour hurt me and shaped me. In his own way, I believe he loved me, and these days I bear no resentment towards him, only sadness at what might have been.

My sponsor seems to have a problem accepting that this is truly the case with me as most alcoholics are simply overflowing with resentments.

He gave me an example of one of his own, current resentments and I told him that if it was me in that position I would not have borne resentment, I would have dealt with it, and suggested a number of courses of action on how to deal with the person who was creating his resentment.

So the debate went back and forth for over two hours and in the end I think I got the point across. However, I am sure I do bear some resentments and will try to identify them and deal with them in tomorrow’s ‘meeting’.

The next section is X Rated, so if you don’t want to read about the Thai sex industry, bar girls, sex and  related matters then please skip it.

Now to the much discussed, much written about subject of Thai whores and age differences, as there have been many adverse and uncomplimentary comments about my behaviour and the ‘sin city’ in which I reside.

Let’s get one thing clear. Prostitution has been endemic in Thailand long before foreigners came here in droves to sample the now world-famous feminine delights.

There is barely a village in the whole of Thailand that doesn’t have a massage parlour and/or a karaoke bar (i.e. a brothel) tucked away somewhere in the back streets. Every town in Thailand has literally hundreds of short time rooms where the locals take their prostitutes.

The Thai sex industry for Thai men was going on long before the GI’s came to Thailand back in the 60’s and it is even more prevalent today than ever before, due to the comparative increase in the standard of living, even amongst simple villagers.

farangs have no idea of their existence of these sex establishments because, of course, they cannot read Thai and have no idea that the building they are walking or driving past in ‘Nakhon Nowhere’ is either a brothel or a short time motel.

When I was recently in roi et with wan, she showed me so many buildings and bungalow complexes that were actually short time rooms that even I was amazed at the number.

Farangs did not bring prostitution to Thailand and even today the sex activities engaged in by foreigners  probably only constitutes a small percentage of the total sex industry.

Why is Thailand such a proliferate sex destination?

It’s very difficult to say, but there is no doubt that it is partly due to the beauty and sexual allure of such a high percentage of the women, and also – and I am sure I will get flack for stating this – but the amorality of the women themselves, many of whom are very highly sexed. Of course there is sexual exploitation and human trafficking – but this occurs far more in the ‘Thais only’ sex industry than the ‘farang’ sex industry sector.

The fact remains that these days, so many of these women do have a choice. This country is becoming quite wealthy and anyone who wants to do an honest day’s work can find a job.

But working in a bar or a massage parlour or karaoke is much easier and pays a lot more money. One pretty girl in a family can keep the rest of them in rice, whisky and beer without the family having to lift a finger. All the girl has to do is open her legs, and whether you like it or not, most are perfectly happy to do this, and a very high percentage crave it as they are very highly sexed.

Last night I was watching the football in what I would describe as one of the more ‘respectable’ pubs – no groping or kissing, just a few decently dressed bar girls who would sit with you if you wanted, and would even go home with you if they liked you and you wanted them to.

They all knew me quite well, but I had never slept with any of them. Three of them came over to where I was sitting and wouldn’t leave me alone. They insisted on groping me (yes I was being demeaned) and complained that they hadn’t had a customer in days and were feeling very horny. I tried to get rid of them – truly – as I wanted to watch the football, but they wouldn’t go.

In the end two of them offered to go with me for free because they were so horny and wanted a fuck. I politely declined.

This sort of things happens to me frequently. Once a girl knows you can satisfy their urges, ( and believe me after a lifetime of poor performances I have now learnt the control and the skills required to do just that), they often beg me to take them.

The cynics amongst you will say it is just about money. Of course it is about money – that is what they are there for – but I have had many a girl who has called and come to see me of her own volition and never charged me a penny piece, once they know what I can do for them.

I am not saying this to brag. I am telling you this because it is a fact, and no one in Thailand has done more research into this subject than Mobi. Many Thai girls love big farang penises – the bigger the better. I have known girls have an orgasm just by grabbing my dick for a few minutes.

It always makes me laugh when I meet an old flame and ask her if she has missed me. Often they say they haven’t missed me but they have missed my dick!

The point of all this is to try and get across the fact that so many of these girls love what they are doing. It is easy, good money and they have a ball. Yes, sometimes they have a bad customer, but trust me, most of them are more than capable of dealing with bastards out there.

So what possible harm am I doing by engaging their services and being very generous to them. They are happy I am happy and IMHO no one is being demeaned. We are all there because we want to be.

I have met so many girls who used to work in factories, hotels offices etc, but they changed to whoring because, by their own admittance it was better money for far less work.

I know girls who have boyfriends back in Europe who send them regular, quite adequate money to live on, but they still work the bars, mainly because they enjoy the lifestyle.

So many Thai girls are amoral – as was my last wife Dang. Many married Thai women will go out with their friends for the night and end up sleeping with strange men – Thais and farangs. Not all, of course, but so many you would be amazed. They just love fucking and they don’t give a shit. They don’t even think they are doing something bad.

The Thai men are just as bad – if not worse. As soon as their ‘wife’ has a baby, they dump them and move on. They never wear condoms and often give their women AIDS. Many are ‘carriers’. They don’t develop AIDS but infect many women.

Thailand is a very amoral, sexually ‘deviant’ society. It always has been and probably always will be and European prudes, with their Victorian morals, really have no place here.

Now to age differences.

Why is it that famous men can marry women a fraction of their age and no one bats an eyelid?

Rupert Murdoch, Michael Douglas, Larry King (married 6 times), Woody Allen, Billy Joel, Geraldo Rivera, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Howard Stern… The list is endless. The age gaps range from over 20 to over forty years. It’s ok for them, but not Ok for Mobi.

In Victorian England it was quite normal for a wealthy man in his late fifties to choose as his bride a lady in her late teens or early twenties.

Even amongst Thais it is very common for wealthy elderly Thai men to marry young Thai women.

Some societies -, western and Asian, past and present, accept large age differences with equanimity.

Here in Pattaya, you can sit in Carrefour any day of the week and watch the elderly Europeans with their young Thai wives, often with babies in prams, or young kids walking with them. What is wrong with it? Both parties benefit. The girl is able to look after her family and often kids by a previous relationship and the man gets comfort and someone to take care of him in his old age. If both parties are happy with the arrangement who are we to say he is a paedophile or a dirty, perverted old man?

There must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of older men all over the world who sit at their computer, committing sex acts while watching young beautiful Asian girls performing all manner of calisthenics.  Most of them would give their right arm, (or maybe their left), to be here, in Pattaya.

If I am addicted to PUSSY, then I am no different to any other hot blooded male whose hormones are still flowing.

If I am addicted to young pussy – that is because I have been spoiled. Once you have had all this young pussy around you – nothing else will suffice. I couldn’t even consider a European women – let alone one over 40.

There, I have spoken openly and frankly. I know I am not a good person but at least I am honest.

If I can find the right ‘live-in’ lover, I will be honest, kind and faithful. Until then I will indulge my pleasures – hopefully while remaining sober.

8 thoughts on “Jomtien, 27th June, 2010 – sober for one week.”

  1. Women coming just by holding your dick??
    For fuck’s sake.!!! !
    Are you sure you’ve not been drinking??


    1. Heh heh heh! I was waiting for someone to react to that one.

      Here’s my x rated reply:

      You want to get out and about more my friend and learn what these ladies are all about.

      There are some VERY horny ladies out there. This particular one is almost certainly a nympho and she just goes crazy over big dicks. It’s her thing. To this day she call me every day in the hope she can meet me, and my dick!

      There’s another one who also calls occasionally for the same reason.

      I have yet another lady who goes crazy just holding my balls! There’s no accounting for taste.

      And there are many more who have multiple orgasms before I even get inside them, because I know what to do.

      Then there are those who take one hour to reach a climax, and yet others who never come at all.

      One advantage of being really pissed is I can get a hard on but not come. The ladies love it. They sit on my dick and come and come and come. I have to wait until morning before I have my own pleasure.

      The joys of sex in Pattaya. I could write about it forever, but the above gives you an indication of why I am so addicted these days.

      I openly admit that for most of my life I have been a lousy lover, and it is only since I turned 60 that I have really managed to turn it around, practice ‘control’ and put the woman’s pleasure before mine, which only serves to increase my own pleasure. It was worth a life time wait.

      Good hunting.


      1. I suspect you are confused, and really mean that you come when a lady has your dick in their hand!


      2. heh heh heh! You still don’t get it do you.

        These ladies can hold my dick in their hand for hours and I never come. Ask all those lovelies on soi 6 or in Bang Chang, or anywhere else, come to that.

        When you get to my age , control is the key.

        There are some advantages to ageing…..


  2. I get the impression you resent being taken for your money. It seems being judged by your readers regarding your sexual conquest/preference may be a sore spot, since you devoted more than half of todays blog to the concept. When I read your writings it seems how much, how often and how young is a common theme. You also speak often of the depression while sobering up and sleeping alone that you seem to resent too. The longer you remain sober the more pronounced your resentments may materialize. Because you do not seek revenge doesn’t not mean you are resentment free is my only point Mobi.

    Glad to see you’re sober and enjoying your wicked ways! Vitamin V has made many of men legends in our own minds.

    I don’t think you get why people think sin city is the wrong environment to wage the battle on the bottle. Its not the pussy, it’s the alcohol in the bars where the pussy trade is conducted that is your Achilles heel.

    Many of these women use drink/drug as a coping skill too?

    The amount or age of pussy one gets does not in it self make a person good or bad. It is how you treat the owner of that pussy(Drunk or sober) that determines your level of humanity. I have never met an alcoholic without a degree of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality disorder.

    You would know better than I as to the sexual nature of Thai bargirls. It appears you paint all Thai women with the same broad brush in my humble opinion.

    Good Luck and Stay Sober Mobi!


    1. Rebel, I appreciate all your comments but sometimes I think you are in danger of over- analysing my ramblings.

      I don’t often write about the details of my sexual encounters and my views on the sex trade and Thai prostitutes. In fact it is the first time in this blog – ever – that I have gone into any kind of detail on this subject. I just decided it was worth a few paragraphs, as my behaviour seems to have bothered a few of the ‘holier than thou’ brigade lately, so I thought it would be an idea to put my point of view, based on may years of observation and experience.

      Don’t forget I speak pretty good Thai and that in itself often gives me special insight as to what motivates these women and what they are thinking and doing.

      Often, they tell me these things of their own volition, once I gain their confidence and they regard me as a “Thai’ friend.

      Of course I generalised – which I accept is always a bit dangerous, and there many women out there who do not fit the stereotypes that I have written about. It is actually quite a complex subject, and frankly, is a subject that is written about ‘ad nauseam’ on internet forums, the net in general and is even the subject of dozens of novels and short stories. It is for this reason I rarely express my views on this or write much about it.

      I have no great desire to get into a protracted debate about the Thai sex industry or Thai whores and what motivates them. I know what I know, and that is that.

      I admit that right now the Thai sex industry is the background of much of my activities here, but much more so since I discovered my wife was cheating on me. For the first 4 years of my marriage i was totally faithful, and for most of the 26 years of the marriage before that, I was faithful.

      I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but I am not a bad man, I treat every girl, regardless of job or background with total respect, and I am very kind and good to them. Even bar managers/owners/ mama-sans have told me how much they appreciate the way I treat their girls.

      And no – I never resent any money I give to any girl for any purpose. They are very welcome to it and I never regret it. They all need it more than I do.

      I was only upset with Tan over her attitude and the fact that she never gave me, in my opinion, a fair shake of the dice. I don’t regret what I did for her. I know I got drunk and said a few bad things, but I was very, very good, kind and tolerant with her and virtually let her do anything she desired. But that is all history, and I really don’t regret it. It was good while it lasted and I wish her luck. She is still a nice lady, and maybe one day we can be friends.

      Since my last marriage broke up I admit I have become an addict to both sex and booze. It is a stage I am going through and I will eventually kick both addictions. In the mean time my life is what it is.

      I will deal with the booze first, and somewhere along the line I will find a nice lady to settle down with and I will stop or curtail my nightly activities and do something more useful with my life.

      It will happen – that is for sure.

      It’s just a matter of time.

      BTW I completely understand the connection between booze and the ladies who work the bars; where the only thing that is sold, apart from sex, is booze. It is a dangerous combination. I accept that.

      BTW/BTW I’m sure you will find this difficult to believe also, as even my friends don’t believe me, but I never use Viagra or any other similar drug. I just don’t need to.

      Maybe one day……


  3. Young, old, fat, bald, rich, poor, western, asian, it’s just sex. You will probably get negative feed-back as a result of your post. But ultimately your having consensual sex with others should not make you a bad person. That it should result in dividing lines being drawn between right and wrong is probably more a reflection on people’s insecurities about the subject of sex generally than any sensible concern about society and the impact sex has on it. And, by dismissing you as immoral because of economic inequality confuses the issue. People make choices every day based on economic factors. To suggest that either men or women cannot make fair and rational decisions simply because sex plays a part in their choices is a most pernicious and condescending form of illiberalism.


  4. There are many more like you in this awful world where the body falls apart but the mind stays young!!!

    I wanna feel 20 again, and just did this afternoon for a few hours, followed by 8 or 10 pints of cold Tiger draught!


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