Jomtien, 25th June, 2010 – Still sober

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down, not helped by some pretty moronic comments that a few people decided to make on my blog.

Why people get pleasure out of insulting others is totally beyond me. All I can say is that if I am a fucking jerk, a fucking loser, a stalker, a person who demeans women and so on, then the people who post such comments are even lower down in the depths of human garbage than I am.

Since when is it a crime to try and find out what your wife is up to when you are still cohabitating with her, or to go and find out what your ex girl friend is up to after she walked out on you for no good reason?

Stalking? I think not. Yes I used the word ‘stalking’ in my blog but for anyone to take it literally just shows what a fucking toss pot they must be. (I’ve got that off my chest now).

As for drink driving – well a lot has been written about this in my blog. I totally accept that it is wrong. I feel terrible that I have done it and have tried my best and am continuing to try my best to do something about it.

Attacking me is preaching to the converted. What about all those thousands of farangs and millions of Thais who couldn’t give a fuck who they kill when they are drunk? Target them, not me.

Right now I am not drinking so the subject is off the agenda.

Last night, as I felt so down, I decided to go out and demean a few women, as I thought it might cheer me up.

My first port of call was a bar on 3rd Road which I hadn’t been to in many months. Some of the girls there recognised me and one particularly lovely, sexy coyote dancer came over to say hello and sat down at the table next to me.

I could tell that she was waiting for me to demean her, but I resisted for quite a while. In the end I gave in and demeaned her by burying her a drink, whereupon I demeaned her even more by letting her wiggle her semi naked arse against my crotch.

Then I demeaned her with a second drink and let her demean herself even more by putting her arms around me and kissing me. She begged me to demean her even further by paying a bar fine and taking her home, but I decided she had been demeaned quite enough for one day and politely declined.

I did however demean her a little bit more by leaving her a generous tip before departing.

Thence to a go-go bar in Soi Bukow.

A pretty little waitress sat down next to me and asked me about my broken wrist and she told me she had recently broken her forearm, and we shared humorous stories of how hard it is to shower, clean one’s arse and generally get on with life with only one hand. I knew she wanted to be demeaned with a drink, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. She was too nice.

As there weren’t any other girls queuing up to be demeaned by the famous Mobi, I paid my bill and left.

I had heard that the number of punters in Walking Street was at dire levels, so thought it might be an idea to make one of my rare forays down there and check it out for myself.

The first familiar bar I went to was in the throes of a noisy brawl between some drunken, naked female dancers (who had obviously been over-demeaned) and some even more drunken farangs – English I would assume judging from their football shirts.

It was a regular riot and no one was interested in Mobi demeaning them so I moved on to another of my occasional ‘regulars’ bars. (a contradiction in terms, but what the….).

Sure enough, the place was full of lovely dancing girls, some of whom were demeaning each other with soap suds whips and other demeaning instruments, but the place was totally devoid of customers.

These lovely girls were desperate to be demeaned, so what else could I do but oblige their wicked yearnings?

Actually it all started when they decided to demean Mobi. I was horrified! How dare these young, naked, near-virgins do nasty things with their hands and other parts of their body to this fine, upstanding example of an English gentleman?

And I hadn’t even demeaned them with a drink.

Well I was outnumbered and I clearly wouldn’t be allowed to escape without doing a bit of demeaning, so I spread a little of it around – five in all and we all had a wonderful demeaning, degrading, debasing, humiliating party.

Much dancing, massaging, body touching and other demeaning activities ensued and we had a riot.

It was 3.30 and I was saved by the bell.

More demeaning tips to the five lovely ladies and I made my way homewards.

Sober, but definitely uplifted by my heavy night of demeaning-ture. (new word).

I took a Xanax and slept from 4 a.m. till around 11 a.m.

Feel about 50% better today and I worked on my 4th step resentment list and then went out to get my pc fixed.

More tomorrow…..

10 thoughts on “Jomtien, 25th June, 2010 – Still sober”

  1. (Private Message to a Friend)

    Sounds like you may be ready for some “Meditation for the Soul”, my friend…

    For a taste “Click to Listen” the link on this site:

    It’s part of a system that will get you quickly healing Mobi.

    This stuff WORKS… you need to give it a try. The music and these tools will help you calm down and meditate… just keep at it daily and your life will start falling into right relationship.

    The energy and blessing are enormous…

    Your epiphany of Hank’s (and the world’s) loving countenance will continue on and help to heal you and those around you Mobi-san.

    “It is 10,000 times easier to find fault in people than to find virtue…” ~ Buddha
    I’m shoulder-to-shoulder with Hank in seeing your true, gentle goodness!

    Kind Loving Regards,

    Your Friend Turk


  2. Nice one Mobi – do remember and do tell yourself that mood swings are (Nothing to do with ho’s) “Fuck it, don’t mean nothing”
    from the ‘Short Timers’ by Gustav Hartford. Getting off any form of addiction is going to take time and you will up and down like a yo-yo for a time.

    Love the ‘Demean’ bit – your sense of humour is returning. A very good and positve thing. Years ago I decided that all Thai wimin’ should be called Wee Lek and an English mate decided that all Thai guys should be called Somchai. We have written loads about this and had a good laugh over the years. I am now going to demean the Wee Leks in the office and suggest they make me some French toast, then demean them further by asking them to go to the fridge and score me a beer. Great.

    As to Wee Jimmy Murray, gie’s a shout loon when you get back, I’m in Bangkok, but an Aberdonian also. Never met another Aberdonian in 18 years here……………………..

    Keep it up Mobi – stay dry for a month and I’ll stake you and current demeaned female dinner at Kaan Ap Nahm in Thonburi.


  3. Mr. Mobi,

    My first comments on your board. I started reading your blog a few months back and find it rather thoughful and insightful.

    I remember the old adage: when you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. And of course JC’s He without sin shall cast the first stone.

    Just remember: there are those of us who silently read your blog…and can understand your battle.


  4. Well if people who are reading your blog are going to criticise your behaviour, there is something seriously wrong with them.
    Obviously they are living life vicariously through their computer screen. As for me, I would like to be with you in Pattaya, I feel I know you as a friend, but I can’t at the moment, I am stuck in Aberdeen, with all the debts that GB has landed us with.
    MOBI REMEMBER THIS! ANYONE CAN SMASH OR KNOCK SOMETHING TO BITS. BUT IT TAKES A BIT OF THOUGHT TO CONSTRUCT SOMETHING. I wish you all the best, keep going. One thing I would say is your brain needs excercise. And that is where Pattaya is lacking. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


  5. I hope you understand that the following is not meant to be a judgment, but more a detached view of your situation as described through your own ruminations. It sounds like you need some change in your life, but before you do anything you need to stand in the light of solid TRUTH. Quit putting a spin on your existence… back up and take a good hard look at yourself and your view of “normal”.

    Your true addiction is PUSSY…
    Not just any pussy, but young, cash desperate pussy one-third your age. Mobi, you’re 64 for God’s sakes… in the real world twenty year-old girls don’t choose to hang out with their grandfather’s friends. Just try that in the neighborhood pub back home… you’d be the laughing stock of the area (and if they’re younger than that – and we know they have been – you’d be behind bars). When you were 20 did you go out chasing 60+ year-old ladies? Get real… be in TRUTH… no wonder you complain about being taken advantage of and cuckholded all the time.

    Those friendly, smiling bar girls see you only as a CASH COW… and a lame one at that, plain and simple… You may think of yourself as the wise fatherly type, but fall off that tall wallet of yours for a month or two and see how much attention you get from those sweet young thangs. You can’t BUY your friends as hard as you try and the TRUTH is you know all those pretty young thangs are laughing behind your back as you walk out and they sit there counting their latest demeaning “tip”.

    You’re just a sucker for their sweet smiles. That’s your biggest weakness. Quite frankly when these young girls glance your way and flash those brightie whities, they’re CASTING A SPELL… Sounds bizzaro, doesn’t it… but what else is it? They are trying to bring you under their power, plain and simple. Why do women wear makeup? “Made up”… not real, not TRUTH…Get it? Been to a Thai beach lately? Where do you see more of that soft, supple brown skin… in real Thai life or on Walking Street? Where’s the TRUTH? Just understand that the next time one of those bright-toothed Siam smiles is cast your way, you’ll know what it is and witness it for the TRUTH behind it… spellbinding to pry that wallet of your open and get some Mobi cash.

    So PATTAYA is paradise, huh?
    It’s understood that you like it, but you’ve spent so much time there it has skewed your view of what’s normal. There seems to run a constant undercurrent there… a theme of the savior or knight in shining armor saving damsels in distress. How else could one explain the multitude of odd couples that perpetuate there, with seemingly nothing in common? The area is overflowing with desperate young girls with the need to receive and desperate old men, with a savior complex, and the seemingly even more desperate need to give.

    The rest of the world knows Pattaya as a magnet for sexual perverts and pedophiles. (Sad but TRUE, guys). The citizens of Gomorrah, too, must have thought they lived in paradise since their city had “everything” they needed. We’ve got a saying where I’m from, “You can’t complain about smellin’ like a hog when you’re wallowing in the pig pen”. There are other cheap, warm places to live… move someplace else, what have you got to lose?

    So here’s where the “holier than thou” comments start popping up… musta been that “G” word comparison that set them off or was it the pigpen statement? Quite frankly there are bajillions of people that one would consider holier than either of us… and I’m glad they are, but that’s just a fact… a TRUTH.

    So many hours have been spent reading your heart wrenching tales, I feel I know you Mobi… and if we were good friends I’d certainly give you a good slappin’ around to find some real TRUTH in your life. Speaking of slappin’ around… sorry you grew up in a dysfunctional family. That learning experience precipitated your own behaviors in regards to those beautiful daughters of yours and your view of the world. Please don’t let it continue to define you as a man and father.

    Mobi you need to find something productive to do with your time and resources to pull you out of your downward spiral. There are a multitude of things you can do in your target-rich environment. Find some poor village or school and see what you can do to help them. Put in a well so some village can have clean drinking water. Buy some books and supplies for some needy school. The only way to heal is to grow out of your self-serving existence (including this blog… as much as we’d all miss it). Make it your goal to raise the world around you. TRUTH is you are a good man, Mobi. You have so many talents to offer this world… but who would ever know that by reading this blog? Lead a good and proud life my friend…

    Heartfelt and Loving Regards,



    1. Turk is on the right track here especially the last paragraph. Although I believe Turk is not an alcoholic which I am. It seems plain to me Mobi; The only solution out there seems to be the program of action called “Alcoholic Anonymous” which I’m glad to see you are starting to work. Through taking the 12 steps it will bring about a spiritual awakening which will give an entirely new perspective and change your life, a easing of the pursuit of self serving efforts will occur and more of a spiritual focus on thinking of others and doing for others will come to the forefront. You will find contentment and happyness in helping other alcoholics looking for a way out of the disease and beyond that pursuing activities as the Turk mentions in his last paragraph. I have been to Pattaya and had paid friends and well while it feels good in the end it is empty for the most part because many of the paid friends will never be true friends. (perhaps some could develop) but for the most part I don’t see that happening. A whole new attitude toward life will arise out of step work and you will find more and more a new happiness in contributing to others rather than self serving pursuits.


  6. Mobi;

    Your self esteem is in the crapper, don’t take the author unknown comments so personal. It is just an opinion, that doesn’t mean they’re correct.

    You will end up drinking again if you don’t control the anger you feel over them. Anger is just a form of pain, and your cure for pain is alcohol.

    Maybe you should consider not allowing comments for awhile. People are not always nice and caring as I’m sure you know as well as anybody.

    Man up, as we say in the business, it’s water off a ducks back.


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