Jomtien, Saturday, 12th June, 2010 with a badly smashed wrist

Unfortunately, it’s my right hand so I can only type with one finger on my left hand, although I’m becoming very adept at using the mouse with my left hand. Try it – it’s not as easy as you think.

But typing is very time consuming and actually quite tiring.

So I will just give you an ‘executive summary’ of what has happened and fill in the details when I can use my right hand again.

Last Tuesday I was pretty drunk (what’s new?) and lost my footing in my condo as my feet were wet from walking on the wet balcony and fell heavily on my right wrist.

I lay there in agony for quite a while but eventually managed to get up and drove with one hand to P Inter hospital. X-rays revealed 4 separate fractures in my wrist and they booked me for an op the following evening.

I drove home but was in complete agony – despite a mass of pain killers. I drunk half a bottle of scotch in an effort to dull the pain but it didn’t work. So I drove, very, very slowly to Bangkok Pattaya hospital and checked in. It was around 3 a.m. by now and they told me I needed major surgery and they would open up my wrist and insert a metal plate to attach the bones. If not I would lose use of my right hand.

I agreed and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday afternoon and I was lying in bed attached to dozens of drips and heart monitors and my arm was in a cast and I was in agony. I had been through 4 hour surgery with a team of 3 surgeons.

I didn’t sleep for the next 48 hours and was in constant pain, despite being sedated and receiving morphine injections every 4 hours.

Friday brought me relief from the pain and I was discharged at my own request on Fri afternoon.

My estranged wife, Dang turned up with a friend and a male cousin to drive me and my car home. The cousin will stay with me for a few days as it is hard for me to do things with only one hand.

The only smart thing I have done in the past 12 months was to take out medical insurance. I hadn’t previously bothered as I have so many pre-existing conditions that would be excluded, but in the end I reasoned that it would cover me for accidents. Thank God I took it out. The bill was 200,000 Baht and the insurance company picked up the entire tab.

I did drink last night, but not too much and I am feeling much better today.

It will be weeks before my cast comes off so I have no idea when I will be able to write properly again. The tips of my fingers are free but if I try to use them, stabs of pain shoot up my arm, so I’ll just have to see. Maybe I will become adept at using my left hand.

My affair with Tan is over for good. I now realise I was totally obsessed with her and I have tried every way I could think of to persuade her to come back and give me 2nd chance, but she doesn’t want to know.

Then the stories started coming out of the woodwork. She has told friends and wives of friends that she was just after my money and had never planned to stay with me for more than two months. Apparently, she even laughed when a friend told her I was in hospital with a smashed wrist!

Dang also told me she knew what Tan was up to from day one because she had boasted as much to a friend, but she didn’t tell me because she thought I wouldn’t believe her.

So all you guys were right, and I totally admit that I will never learn.

I am seeking an allusion that will never transform into reality.

12 thoughts on “Jomtien, Saturday, 12th June, 2010 with a badly smashed wrist”

  1. Seems nobody wants to comment on the inevitable…..
    Good thing you realise you were chasing an illusion. One serving mainly to give you an excuse to drink. I still believe you can learn, though!
    Get well, and take it easy. Learn to relax and get a hobby!


  2. Shit you are really falling apart breaking your wrists in a simple fall! I think you need to live life a bit harder while you are still functionally mobile, after recovery of the wrist bones that is.

    Probably a good idea to employ a part or full time nurse to look after you and cope with the oncoming deterioration. After you recover make the most of your mobility while you can, cause you never know when life in the twilight zone will end.

    Live it up Mobi !


  3. Good Night Mobi !

    Take it easy & mend up asap

    Hope the pain subsides quickly on both the wrist & the girl.

    Take Care


  4. Sorry to learn of your latest misfortune and wish you a speedy recovery.
    It certainly looks like you really will not learn when it comes to Thai women, but maybe that’s not a bad thing!


  5. Mobi
    Pick up “Dragon naturally speaking”. That software program will allow you to speak into a microphone and it will type for you. As for Tan don’t regret it to much…you had some fun and it is impossible to really know what someone elses motives are. Even now she will protect her “face” by saying she would never had stayed with you. No one knows.


  6. Sorry to hear of your injury Mobi, lots of nerves in the hand to transmit the pain signals. When you are use to being in a semi anesthesia state, pain medication don’t work as well, thus the unintentional overdoses to some alcoholics and drug abusers. The medication doesn’t register in the brain but can knock your breathing out if your not careful.

    Well the good news is we can’t call you a two fisted drinker for awhile.

    Dang must not be as bad as you made her out to be if she cared enough to get you home. Just my two baht’ worth.

    Tan is just another added to your list. Que sera sera, you got away no worse for the wear. Why you would want her back is beyond me? Don’t demonize her, it is what it is and the first step is admitting it is an allusion.

    The human spirit is amazing, you will surprise yourself how much you can do with the “wrong” hand when willing. Wiping ones arse will be a challenge for awhile, but you’ll figure it out.

    I was glad to read your post and that you are alive and kicking, Take it slow with the recovery and get physical therapy for the hand as soon as possible. Many years ago I lost the use of my dominant hand due to a lesser injury and I feel your pain. I now have equal strength in both hands as a result. Even learned to shoot pool left (wrong) handed. You will get better and adapt as needed.

    Speedy Recovery



  7. Dear Mobi, understand this: Pattaya is not real. It is a jaded place. Get out while you can.


  8. Good Luck, Mobi

    i hope you’ll recover soon, and keep posting about your amazing life



  9. Bit over the top on the agony stakes eh?. Drunks are always falling over and breaking bits of their bodies. I for the life of me, cannot believe they were jacking you up with Morph every 4 hours, I am trained to administer Morphine and have been on the recieving end twice in my life due to incidents which did not involve alcohol. Cool stuff.

    I would suspect they were topping you up with Pethedine which is also damn good as a pain killer. I know!. Many years ago I was involved in an incident with a helicopter which ended up with every bone in my right wrist being displaced and a couple of fractures – looked really weird. Drove myself to hospital (Manual gearbox), x-rays and a wee jab in the arm from the doc before they wiggled the bones back into position then plastered me.

    Fucking painful yes – agony – no. Gave me some Co-Drymanol and said I must not take any alcohol. Tee-Hee, bought a box of wine on the way home and felt no pain……………..

    You Mobi, have to get yourself out of Shitsville. You are going to die otherwise. If you are ever in BKK let me know and come visit.
    As a result of far too much work which led to divorce from a very fine lady, about 5 years ago, I started hitting the pop far too hard : Doctors and all the usual stuff entailed. It isn’t difficult to keep it to a reasonable level when you understand that most addicts think they are all alone in this world which probably explains your propensity for very short term relationships with bar girls.

    I am no born again anti booze crusader and indeed am enjoying a beer whilst I type this, but it’s a matter of degree. Friends and family are so important in your situation and they do need to verbally kick your arse or they aren’t friends.

    Anyway if you are ever in BKK, do pop in – I’m across the river.


    1. Well the nurse told me it was morphine but who knows for sure? I just received an email from a friend who was even given morphine at a detox centre!!

      As far as the injury is concerned, I will write about it soon in my blog, but today I went to the hospital and they showed me the x-ray. I was quite shocked. There is a large T-shaped metal plate which has been inserted into my wrist with the top of the T across the wrist just below my palm and the ‘trunk’ of the T going down the centre of the wrist towards the elbow. The various fractures have somehow been pinned to the plate. I asked the surgeon if it will eventually be removed, but he didn’t know as the surgeon who performed the op wasn’t there. (My fault – I was too hung over to make the appointment at the correct time)

      So I have no idea how high on the pain stakes this kind of procedure is, but all I can say is I have a pretty good pain threshold and to start with the pain was in the 8-9/10 category, but then moved rapidly to a 10+.

      The injections of whatever they were gave me relief for about an hour and then it came back with a vengeance. The surgeon told me the pain would reduce after 48 hours, which it did, and the main cause of the pain was the bones starting to knit onto (into?) the metal plate.

      Anyway, I bow to your obvious greater knowledge in these matters – all I can say is that it felt like agony , even if it wasn’t.


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