Jomtien, 16th May, 2010

I finally made it – 1 day without alcohol!

For the past few days I have been attempting to wean myself off the booze by gradually reducing my daily consumption.

I try to stay dry for as long as I can through the day but when the ‘pain’ gets too much, I have a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine to steady the body and  nerves.

Within a day or two I had managed to last through to the evening time without taking a drop, and then I limited myself to a few glasses of wine. (I am trying to stay off beer completely because I have put on to much weight and the sugar content is very bad for my diabetes.)

I have already blogged that last Thursday I followed this procedure, only to throw it out of the window when I experienced a perceived ‘slight’ from Tan, and secretly drunk about a third of a bottle of Sangsom late in the evening.

It was the realisation of what I had done that finally persuaded me that I probably cannot control my drinking without help, so on Friday evening I went to an AA meeting for the first time in months.

It was a good meeting, but it didn’t stop me having a few glasses of wine later that evening, which I decided would be my last – at least for a while. Then, yet another perceived ‘slight’ and I couldn’t wait to open the last remaining bottle of red in my collection. My twisted brain was waiting for the slightest excuse to pick up. So between about midnight and four a.m, I drank the whole bottle, while Tan slept.

I felt pretty bad yesterday morning, both mentally and physically and I knew that I had better get my act together.

Last night I attended my second AA meeting on the trot – another good meeting where the notion that alcoholics can only stop drinking  when they decide that they are really ready to stop – was a powerful, oft-repeated theme.

Then I collected Tan from her friend’s place and went home. The idea was to have an early night as Tan had to get up early today to go to her new college for a special ‘registration day’.

In the event we didn’t sleep until after two a.m. and I slept right through until almost noon. Tan awoke early, put on her sexy, maroon and white college uniform, and went to college on her motorbike.

I have finally made twenty four hours without any alcohol, so today I am on day two.

I don’t feel great, but not that bad, so hopefully I am on a roll.

Tomorrow we were scheduled to go to Bangkok to take little Fon back to Tan’s aunt’s house in Nonthaburi, but as Bangkok is increasingly descending into a state of total anarchy, I told Tan that it wouldn’t be wise to go.

The ‘Bangkok dangerous’ map provided by Thai Visa, showing all the trouble spots indicated that I might have to drive through ‘live fire’ zones, (i.e. ‘war zones’) to get to the Aunt’s home.

I suggested that instead of taking her to Bangkok, we should take Fon back to Nakhon Sawan, where she will be safer until the troubles settle down.

Tan has agreed, so tomorrow morning, early, we will drive to Nakhon Sawan, skirting Bangkok on the ring road, and hopefully avoid any troubles. I will return to Pattaya tomorrow evening, but Tan will stay for a couple of nights and return under own steam on Thursday, as she has to start college on Friday.

So it will be a big test of my resolve to stay sober – three nights on my own!

6 thoughts on “Jomtien, 16th May, 2010”

  1. 10 days no Mobi. I think he’s lost it again, poor fella. If anyone knows him give him a call.


  2. Mobi, where are you? No posting for 10 days.
    Are you pissed up or have you just pissed off?
    Regards, Jim.


  3. You have not posted for the last few days. I suppose you have broken out on the piss again. I know it’s bloody hard. I stopped for 6 weeks and for the last 2 days I am on the juice again. I hope I can stop again tomorrow. Live without the demon drink is so much better. Why can’t I I get it into my thick head.


  4. Spend the money for professional help. You came with nothing and you’ll leave with nothing. Maybe sooner than later if you continue to treat yourself.
    Odd that you are smart enough to avoid life fire zones, but can’t seem to avoid the bigger threat to your existence. You have both a mental and physical addiction that will not be as easy of a problem to solve as the life fire areas of Bangkok. Of course you know this already .

    Good Luck Mobi!



  5. Mobi,
    How are you doing ?
    You’re ok if I am to go by your posts, I’m happy for you.

    Enjoy your wine, enjoy a few beers when you want, FFS don’t get addicted to AA meetings, many people that attend AA meetings are as addicted as they were before they stopped drinking, only now the addiction is AA meetings.

    You obviously can’t follow the 12 step program, so why beat yourself up over it ?

    You’re not waking up in a puddle of vomit in some soi without any recollection of how you got there…… ( I have )

    Enjoy yourself Mobi, you deserve it.

    I’m out of country at the moment, ( work calls ), but I’m determijhned to have a few beers with you on the darkside one day.

    Neil is in a new bar Pepes bar I believe…….

    Take care,



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