Jomtien, 25th April, 2010

I had actually penned a reply to those who said that they feel sorry for Wan and I didn’t have to tell her about my latest lady, but I must have hit the wrong button and my prose disappeared into the ether” for eternity.

So I will just briefly reiterate that I too feel very sad about my treatment of Wan and I wish that it hadn’t turned out the way that it did.

I really hated telling her I had another girl, but it was the only way to bring the affair to finality.

Wan refused to accept that it was over between us and was planning to come to Pattaya to see me and talk it through. She said she would come, provided I didn’t have a new girl friend. Quite frankly, even f I wasn’t with Tan I would have told her I had a new girl.

Regrettably it was the only way I could make her understand that it was truly over.

Moving on, a brief thank all those who have commented on my latest affair, even those who have called me an idiot, or worse.

I’m not sure that I am actually following any particular line of advice and as ever am ploughing my own furrow, but I suspect some of you may approve of what I am doing.

Basically I am enjoying myself. We have been together ten days and I am still very happy with her. We have been out most days, doing this and that, and we have enjoyed a number of social occasions with friends.

Tan doesn’t drink or smoke and she behaves extremely well when she is with me, both in public and back at the condo.

I won’t claim she is particularly domesticated as far as house cleaning and cooking is concerned, but that doesn’t bother me. I’d rather have someone like Tan than Wan, who wouldn’t let me do thing for myself and literally ‘smothered ‘me.

But she is not totally useless in the home and does her fair share of domestic duties.

As previously advised, Tan has enrolled at commercial college and will return to full time education when the new term commences in a month’s time.

I really feel that she wants to turn her life around and put her ten months of bar girl life behind her

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, a respected businessman who has lived in Thailand longer than me and knows Tan , told me that he always thought that Tan was not cut out for bar life and that she seemed to be a ‘class apart’ from most of them, which was exactly my own summation.

One good thing about living with Tan is that I can understand a majority of her telephone conversations with friends and family.

Like so many Thai ladies, she is constantly on the phone, but unlike all my previous ‘live-ins’ she talks in Thai, not Isaan, and I can understand much of what she says.

I don’t think even Tan realizes quite how much I understand; because often, when she finishes on the phone she tells me who she was speaking to and what they were discussing. I already know but I just nod sagely.

It’s not that I particularly want to eavesdrop on her phone calls, but I have found it very revealing in as much as she talks about us, about things she has done, things she planning to do and so on. It is all open and above board and serves to confirm that she is being honest with me.

So far there appear to be no hidden agendas or secret plans that I would be otherwise unaware of.

Of course, I cannot rule out clandestine activities, but she really does seem to be an open, good hearted, honest lady and I enjoy being with her.

Today she is going to Bangkok and tomorrow morning she will collect her father from hospital there and take him back home to Nakhon Sawan, returning to Pattaya on Tuesday.

Initially we were going to travel together, in my car, but I was expressing a few misgivings about driving through Bangkok with the current conflict going on, (the hospital is located in the vicinity of the troubles), so she suggested she go alone by bus.

I know that this is all true from her phone calls to family and friends, including one this morning to her father in hospital.

So I will have two nights alone.

“When the cat’s away”?


I have been drinking a bit too much of late and will make a big effort to avoid excesses.

I might try to make an AA meeting tomorrow and when I get back home I will try to resume “Mardie”.

I don’t know whether I have ever told you this before but all my stories are written with little or no preparation.

I just write straight from memory and always publish the episodes on the same day that they are written. They never even stay incomplete overnight.

This means they are completely fresh, sometimes come across as a bit raw and are subject to minimal proof reading.

It is a good discipline for me to write in this way but it means that I am not always in the right frame of mind to get stuck into it.

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