Jomtien, 21st April, 2010

Yet again I offer my apologies for not blogging for several days.

I have been settling into life back in Jomtien with Tan and assessing whether its going to work or not.

I have probably been having a tad too much to drink, but not overly excessive and at no time have I woken up with a hangover.

I have been out a lot, mainly with Tan, shopping, running errands and so forth, but I also went to see a friend for  one afternoon and I just haven’t had enough ‘sober time’ to post on my blog.

I have mentioned before that I never post after I have taken a drink, even if it’s only a couple of beers or so as I don’t wish my beer to do the talking.

This evening we are meeting a couple of old friends of mine for dinner, so we’ll almost certainly have some wine and that will mean no blogging tonight.

Tomorrow I am up early to take my car for a service and repair near Chonburi and I could be stuck there all day, so it is unlikely I will be doing much blogging tomorrow, yet again.

However I will ear-mark Friday for a good long session and will also try to catch up over the weekend.

In the meantime, I will just report that today I have told Wan that our relationship is over, so those who are concerned that she may turn up on my doorstep can rest at ease.

I feel absolutely awful about what I have done, but rest assured I would have done it whether or not I had shacked up with Tan.

It would never have worked with Wan, for all the reasons I mentioned in my last blog, (plus some  more that I forgot to mention, like all the trouble with Jasper’s father etc), and it was far better to do it now than later when it would have been even more traumatic.

Well the deed is done and I am with Tan, and so far so good. I will write more on this over the weekend, but I will just say in conclusion today that: “Yes, I know Tan is a whore; yes I understand this is purely a financial arrangement; and yes I fully understand that she will never love me.” But it still might work!

I know, famous last words……..

4 thoughts on “Jomtien, 21st April, 2010”

  1. Move back in with Dang, god Dang it! 🙂

    You obviously need companionship as well as sex and even though you appear to be a coward you obviously have the need to “take care” of your women – which is a good if probably self-destructive thing.

    So be good to Tan, take care of her when she is sick, let here stay at your place, let her go back to work. Tell her you like her, care for her, but will never be with her long term … up to her if she wants to fuck other guys for money. Because that is what WILL happen. Be in control, she’ll respect you more for it.

    Spend half your time with her (or some other bar girl) and half your time in mobi mansion with Dang enjoying your investment.

    Don’t let it prey on your mind what Tan is doing with other guys when you are with Dang, or let it prey on your mind what Dang is doing when you are with Tan.

    Every time Tan gets “jealous” or says “i love you”, trying to suck you and your wallet in, stick your head between her tits and say “bbl bbl bbl” *

    You’re an old, unhealthy, wealthy man who has lived an unconventional life. Why do you expect it to end conventionally? Why would you want it to? Just be honest with those around you and to yourself.

    You could be living the life of Kings. Enjoy the rest of your life.


  2. Just a point : Why is it so essential to have a woman in your life?. Surely, going through a serious of short term relationships cannot give you the stability you need to overcome your drinking problems. Would it not be better to spend some time on your own and have your friends there for support until you have broken the cycle?.

    Just my tuppence worth like.


  3. Nobody can be really surprised that it didn’t work out with Wan – far too much baggage came with her.

    But can you not take a break for a while? Live the life of a single man?

    As I have said before, you are far, far to quick in moving them in with you. If you need help around the house, get a maid, or a nurse, or both? If you need to get laid, take a bar girl to a short time hotel.

    Tan will end in tears. We know it. You know it.


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