Jomtien, 7th April, 2010

It makes me very sad to learn how evil and vindictive people can be.

I have just received the following email to my Mobi email blog address from a guy named Mario.

Mario Decanio

“The truth about Wan………….

She would have gone off with anyone that was stupid enough to pay the nar the night you met her, yet you think that she has been waiting for you all your life, it’s quite pitiful really

Wan is a whore, thats what she was doing in Pattaya you silly old fooll you really belive any fucking thing anybody tells you don’t you ?
That’s why your life has been, and still is, a total fucking disaster

Would I ever have a problem telling you to your face what I typed on here, you must be fucking joking. I’m 30 years younger than you and fit as a fiddle, what you gonna do, stumble into me, breathe on me, get some Thai guys onto me ?

Bring it on old man, I know who you are, I know your house in Pong, I know your Car, I even fucking know who you are big nose, still drink coffee in Carrefour ?

And I fucked Dang after she finished in her hair salon near Tops supermarket one night, and let me tell you, she was a fucking useless fuck, but at least she swallowed my semen.

She had a Honda Jazz and was telling me about her old drunken husband that had put a 20 million baht house in her name, bought her everything, and let her fuck anyone she wanted to because he was always too drunk to raise a hard on.

I never believed her because I doubted anybody could be so stupid, but obviously you fit that bill.

Anyway, she went with me to The Full Love Inn Just off Soi Bongkot, I left after 90 Minutes as she was a boring drunken bitch, hey , guess what, she ( You ) even paid for the room…lol.

I only went in her shop to ask for a haircut, amazing Pattaya.

Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, you date whores and expect what exactly ?

Oh I forgot Wan isn’t a whore, you just happened to meet her in a bar, haha. Pathetic

I hope she rips you off big time.

And should you go back to Dang, well, Dang would like it, you pay for everything and she fucks everyone in sight, you should have married her mother instead, shes still younger than you and would never have given you the problems sweet Dang did.

I shouldn’t really tell you this but, she said she was as bored as hell with you and it was like fucking her grandfather when she had to have sex with you.

Her words, not mine.

Good luck with Wan, shes probably fucked half of Pattaya already. Oh no, she hates Pattaya, that’s right. lol.

Pete met her in a market, yeah right, of course he did, hahaha”

I don’t doubt that he is right about Dang, as I have said as much in my blogs over he past nine months, although I suspect there is some exaggeration in his account, just to make me feel even worse.

But he is way off line with Wan.

I won’t comment any more just now.

I know there are some cunts in the world, but I would never have believed that anyone could try to be so vindictive and hurtful to someone – who he had never met and who had never done him any harm.

What makes people so malevolent?

Sometimes I despair of humanity.

I hope you are proud of yourself Mario…..

22 thoughts on “Jomtien, 7th April, 2010”

  1. Mario you suck !!!

    Either you are fat or heavily muscled, i’m guessing fat.

    Either way, it’s 270 pounds of dumb ass…


  2. Me thinks Mario is a bald geriatric….

    Probably the part about being 270 lbs is correct though.
    With the three chins too.

    Probably has a flap of fat that hangs so low none could find his tiny pecker.

    The only thing anyone swallows of his would be his BS stories…. Nah on second thought none would believe that…


  3. Yes mario, your just a sleazy wog with too much time on your hands. What is the point of telling everybody on here about your wog exploits? Anybody can score in Pattaya, even dirty wogs like you…..Talk is cheap……There is no need for your crap on here.


  4. Mario,
    I guess your small dick and even lesser self esteem is why you have to fuck other peoples girlfriends. You really deserve nothing more than your current status as a looser. Btw, I am a Thai girl – and not every Thai girl is bad. Be respectful when you spend time in my country, otherwise you should go home and get back to the only sex you have ever known – with you mom.
    I do not read you blog that much but my boyfriend likes it. But to see some idiot write an email like that makes me angry. Keep your head high and good luck with life in Roi Et – we both know staying in Pattaya would be a disaster for you 😉


  5. Well we know Wan is desperate for money – the “only” reason she was in the bar and went home with Mobi on her “first” night was because she needed money.

    Mobi is already considering extending her Isaan home at his expense and her ultimately her benefit.

    Even if we accept the statement that Wan is not a whore, it the true sense of the word, we do know the main reason she is with him is for money. Their relationship started as a customer / client relationship (whether or not sex was involved) and it continues to be so.

    And Mobi is already doubting the relationship with Wan – which if he leaves her will send her back to the bar she came from (may be delayed if he gives her a large chuck of his money).

    Personally i think Mobi is better off going back to Dang and his mobi mansion. They seem well suited. Let her fuck knuckle heads like Mario; let Mobi fuck young whores, and maybe they can develop a friendship that is not based on money. I think that’s as about as close to a relationship that mobi will ever have. At least he can enjoy the comfort of his house. Better the devil you know.


    1. Thank you factoid – interesting comments, the elements of which have alreday entered my own trains of thought.

      Yes, Wan was desperate for money, and I think what you have stated in your third para is spot on.

      It doesn’t alter the fact that Wan and her family are some of the nicest Thais I have met in all my time in Thailand, which is causing me no end of guilty thoughts when I think that I might have to finish with her.

      As far as building extensions etc is concerned, I have had a very frank talk with Wan and have told her that all that has to come later – after we are sure we are going to stay together permanently. I have also told her that the exchange rate is very bad now for transferring money in, and it is a bad time to move money out of my investments – all of which is true, and she had been very understanding.

      So far I have bought a toaster, a microwave and yesterday I relented and bought her a badly needed sofa and table. The two items were less than 7,000 Baht so it didn’t exactly break the bank. That will be it until I see where the future of this relationship lies.

      Thank you for reading my blog



  6. I wonder. Does Mario wear a blue suit with read underpants worn on the outside accessorised with red boots & cape & able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?


  7. It’s amazing how some people can express their immaturity and ignorance at how the real world is.
    And how some young men still believes the only real power they have is between their legs
    I’m sure that if Mario Decanio was put in Thailand destitute good chance it could happen to him and
    His Katoy friends would be writing the same blog about him (Karma can be a bitch)

    But all and all as life goes on I find that life is always a gamble at best
    YOU take chances sometimes win and sometimes lose
    The most important thing if you care about each other it doesn’t really matter
    What the hell anyone thinks or says when everything is said and done you really don’t get that many chances to find someone you care about and that cares about you
    I’ve found that as I get older Its easier to work with people as to who they are and how they treat people and not
    Who they may have been

    But anyone who tells me he has the perfect virgin and the perfect relationship is clearly out of their mind


  8. You people calling me an internet hero are way off base, I’m just telling it as I see it.

    If you wanna tell Mobi that the woman he met in a bar ( he said he would never ever do that again ), is a keeper and a good un, go ahead, it’s just the sort of shit he wants to hear.

    It justifies his existence in some way,, lets face it would you let the prick date your daughter ?

    Yes I did fuck Dang, for what it’s worth, she was useless. too drunk and she even felt she was important.

    Silly bitch, but at least she swallowed, didn’t spit.

    As for Mobi, I actually know him, and he knows me, thats why he never refuted anything in my previous mail, except for anything about the virginal Wan, hahaah.

    I’ll probably end up fucking her too, just cos Mobi will be so pissed off.

    One other thing, you wankers that think I’m a keyboard warrior, meet me and prove the difference, I’m 32 Years old, 6′ 5 “. 270 Lbs and would walk straight through you, ask Dang.

    She was almost begging me to fuck her cos her drunk old husband was incapable, she even paid for the room.

    So before you idiots type anything else, leave a forwarding email or an address, I’ll gladly meet you.

    I have done nothing wrong, the fact that Mobi is a total disaster is not my problem, thank you very much.

    Mobi, good luck with Wan, but know this, if you was totally broke, she wouldn’t even look at your sorry saggy old ass, so it’s all about money once again.

    You never fucking learn do you, you old fool.


    1. Get on a plane, come to Aberdeen, march into any API workshop and tell them your story. Don’t be surprised when the doors slam shut and your body is found in a skip somewhere in a weeks time.


  9. Dont spend your time thinking about a small insignificant fool like that, Mobi. I felt I had wasted enough time just by reading his letter. Spending any additional effort actually thinking about it would just constitute an added loss of equally valuable time.
    Keep you head high and your spirits up. While you have the courage to lay it all out there, Mario hides his obviously very lacking persona behind a wall of bullshit erected simply to try to hide what a useless little dump he really is.
    The sun is shining, the weather is good, it is summertime in Thailand. Enjoy and look forward.

    On a side note, I do not really think your current life choice is much of a choice. You either decide to be alone (with a cheating ex) in a house in Pattaya and live a loveless existence in a big empty house there. I dare say that can only end one way. Or you can go with a girl you care for and stay with her and have life and people around you and possibly even control your drinking. If you truly love her, this would be the only way to go.
    And the question is not whether you risk breaking her. That is just the excuse you use to yourself in order to have an out. The real question is whether you have the courage to still search for happiness, or whether you find it easier to just give up on life and retire to drink with whores in Pattaya until your liver fails. It is your own fears you have to face, not those of hurting someone, doing something wrong or the like. Those things are easily forgiven those who follow their heart.
    In the words of Twain: ” “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Go get them!


  10. Everyone entitled to their opinion, its up to you to publish them or not, however by only showing comments in your favor then you run the risk of fooling yourself into believing everything you do is right!

    Have a good break bud and take care of the new lady.


  11. “I hope she rips you off big time.”

    Why would somebody hope for so much?

    So, emotions aside, somebody is treating your ex-wife in the way you’ve previously described her as, but also feels the need to write home about it. Is our Mario another Pattaya expat resident, by any chance?

    The remainder, no matter how offensive, is pure speculation.

    You’re made of stronger stuff Mobi.



  12. I wish you would give this blog up.

    Why on earth do you hang your life out for the world to see?
    Is there any benefit left in doing this?
    After Mario’s comments, (irrelevent if he was honest or not), these kinds of attacks are gonna keep on coming.
    It’s not good for you, you could get drunk on comments like that..I would.
    Time for you and your new swetheart to take a bow and exit stage left and live your lives in private……or have you become addicted to blogging?
    Some people like to be put down, maybe you are one of them. If your not you will shut it down and leave the old life behind and start afresh….Good luck Mate


  13. The only thing that matters is what you think.

    Small men attempt to be big men my kicking others when their down. My guess is Mario is getting drilled in the ass by a ladyboy as I type while crying out your the man.( Not that there is anything wrong with that for your gay or bi readers.) What the little prick doesn’t realize is we have been where he is, if he is extremely lucky he will someday be where we are. Forget the losers and next time delete any post that are not meant to be constructive and presented in a civil manner.

    Hope you had a good trip to Wans home and enjoy the peace and quiet while you’re there.



  14. What a loser !!

    I mean how big a loser must you be if you need to trash talk other people in the way that he did? Christ, what a low self-esteem.

    I’m guessing he might have been bullied as a kid. Just a guess mind you, but something is definitely wrong


  15. Don’t sweat it Mobi – some people are just pure vindictive. They get their rocks off on it. Ignore the cunt.


  16. Fuck this guy, Mobi. Maybe he’s telling the truth and maybe he isn’t, but it doesn’t matter – he’s a complete loser either way. You had the balls to put your life out there, warts and all. Some of the weak people in the world will try to use that against you. YOU focus on YOU. If the blog is no longer helping YOU, then shut it down. But if it’s still therapeutic, then keep on with it and just learn to shut out the pathetic losers out there like this one.


  17. So now it looks like you’d be better off with only having 199 daily hits… (LOL)

    PLEASE DON’T LET A DICK-HEAD LIKE THIS GET TO YOU MOBI. Sometimes truth strikes like cold steel to the heart but please understand that everything happens for a reason. So maybe the sunny side of Mario’s venomous rambling is to make you really think intelligently about your return to the Pong house dream. He just may have done you the biggest favor in the world!

    Go with your heart Mobi… and HANG IN THERE, Bud!!!

    Turk in Nebraska


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