Jomtien, 1st April, 2010

Last Monday, Wan received an sms message from Pete, her ‘ex’, in the late afternoon asking if he could see Jasper again, as he was going back to England in three days time.

Pete has been in Thailand  since November last year and has only requested to see his son three times, the first was well over a month since he arrived in the country, so we wondered why he now showed a sudden interest in seeing him again before he went back to the UK.

Anyway, it would not have been possible as he was in Roi Et and we are in Pattaya, so I helped Wan pen a reply. She texted, very politely, that she was sorry it would not be possible for him to see his son as she and Jasper were away on holiday.

Pete immediately called Wan on her phone, but she declined to accept the call. She didn’t want to have a fight with him.

That was that – or so we thought.

We were drifting off to sleep at ten thirty that evening when Wan received a call from her mother, who was in a terrible state.

It transpired that Pete had gone to Wan’s village with his new girl friend and a large, ‘rough looking’ Thai man and they had barged right into Wan’s mother’s house compound, manhandled her, and demanded to see his son. This was after ten o’ clock at night.

Wan’s mother told them that Wan was not there, that she had gone to Bangkok with Jasper, but they continued to manhandle and threaten her. Pete’s girl friend told her that if Wan didn’t return straight away with her son, they would burn Wan’s house down, and then Pete told her that if he didn’t see his son on the next day, he would kill me – Mobi!

They continued to ‘bad mouth’ Wan to her mother, and Pete’s girl friend said that everything Wan possessed – her house and car – had been bought with Pete’s money, (which is not true – it was his mother who gave her the money because Pete refused to give her any, but even if it was true, so what? She was married to him until he threw her out: and what business is it of his new girl friend?), and told Wan’s mum that they would make big trouble if Pete’s son wasn’t produced on the next day.

At this point Wan’s brother-in-law emerged from the house (he was living there with Wan’s younger sister and their new born baby) and told the group to leave Wan’s mother alone and get out.

They eventually left, still shouting and making threats and  demanding that Jasper be back home by five p.m. the next day.

Wan’s mother was distraught, and was crying over the phone to Wan, and Wan also started crying. She said that nothing like this had ever happened in her entire life and both of them were extremely upset.

When she calmed down I composed a text for Wan to send to Pete. She told him that she had reported his intimidation and threats to the police, and that if he returned to Wan’s or her Mother’s house, he would be arrested and would go to jail. She also told him that he had no legal right to see his son.

Pete replied and said that he didn’t care if he spent the rest of his life in “The Monkey House”. He still insisted on seeing his son.

We finally dropped off to sleep, and the next morning, Wan arranged for the village Headman to take Wan’s mother to Selaphum police station to make a report on what had happened. The police told her that if they came back again, she should call them and they would come over to the village and take care of things.

On Tuesday afternoon, Wan received another sms from Pete, asking her to confirm that she would be home within her son at five p.m.

The arrogance and sheer conceit of the man, was mind boggling.  He actually believed that his ex wife and son, over whom he had no legal rights whatsoever, would be produced for him at twenty four hours notice, when they were holidaying some eight hundred kilometers away. He clearly still thought that when he shouted, Wan would jump.

It was time for me to get in on the act. This is the text I sent to him, from my phone:

“What planet were you born on? Are you stupid or do you think the whole world will listen to your bullshit? Let’s get this clear. You were an arsehole of a husband to Wan for many years. You abused her, insulted her and treated her abominably.

You are a selfish, cowardly bully. Then you find a new girl and you get rid of Wan. You divorced her and now she has full legal custody of her son. You have no rights whatsoever to see him. Yet in spite of everything, Wan  talks nicely to you and lets you see her son.

Then what do you do? You call her things like “Lowlife Thai Prick “and you bully and intimidate her poor aged mother. I tell you buddy, you are the low life English prick. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as you it’s about time you crawled back into your hole

Your days of intimidating and bullying a kind, gentle Thai lady are over, and if you ever threaten her, me or her mother again you will regret it for the rest of your life. Who do you think you are, demanding that she go back home so you can see her son? You are not her God, and she owes you nothing. This is Thailand, not England, and I promise you will pay dearly for your deplorable behaviour in this country. Get smart, get out and stay out for your own good.”

It took four sms’s to send the above.

His reply was pathetic. Basically he just tried to belittle me in the only way he could think of – by attacking my age. He sent a stupid text insinuating that I was too old to have a baby and if I wanted one then he could help me.

It was truly pitiable, and I told him so.

“The mere fact that you think your stupid, crude, crass comments will in any way rile me only confirms that you are an ignorant, know-nothing, pathetic, mean spirited low class, white van man… So far you’ve been lucky in your life. It won’t last, I can promise you. Think well on what you have done in your life. I hope you are proud of yourself, because, buddy, nobody else is.”

We haven’t heard another word from him and he didn’t return to Wan’s house – no doubt taking to heart the warnings we sent to him.

There is no doubt that the man is a very mean spirited bully. Wan told me that he was so abusive  when she lived in England with him, that she had to call the police in Oxford to get him to modify his behaviour.

She is convinced that Pete doesn’t really care much for Jasper, and he wouldn’t have demanded to see him if it hadn’t been for what happened at the swimming pool.

He just became very angry and jealous when he found Wan with a new man – especially one with a BMW. He never thought that Wan would find a new man, and he always assumed that he would able to come and go as he pleased and see his son whenever the mood took him. He obviously became very upset when he realised the perceived status quo was no more.

By now he should be on his way back to the UK, and hopefully that is the last we will hear from him.

12 thoughts on “Jomtien, 1st April, 2010”

  1. It is good to have the ability to read a good quality article with useful details on topics that many are interested on. The reason that the data indicated are all first hand on real experiences even aid more. Keep doing what you do as we like reading your work.


  2. Mobi, first, do you think that you can change how a scumbag thinks by sending him a SMS? Of course not. The only thing that happens is that he hire someone to put a bullet in your head for 5000 baht.
    No, no good idea with the SMS.

    Then your talk about your BMW get me to wonder who you are? I known you on the Internet for almost 4 years but never met you. I did not think of you as a man that thinks that a new BMW and a thick wallet makes someone a better man but maybe I am mistaken?

    I met a lot of these newly rich guys when I was working. I was in the IT-industri for 35 years and there were a lot of them. Mr Nobody one day and the BIG Shot next day. Most of them were kind of noninteresting, no personalities but they had shitloads of money.

    If you still thinks that being 60+ noone can change your mind!

    Good luck!


    1. Sven, please, please, please, please show me where I said that owning a BMW makes me a better man?

      I have never said any such thing as I have never believed such nonsense.

      I just don’t understand where you get all this stuff from , unless it from the people who have jumped on me. They said it, but I have NEVER said it. It’s just crazy….

      Really – I despair – I will almost certainly give up on everything very soon.

      It’s all too much….


  3. In todays economy a white van man is considered fortunate, as he is at least able to support his family. Yes I was one and never have been ashamed of it.

    One thing it did teach me is wealth has very little to do with happiness.

    I spent my life dealing with people of means. I found as a rule old money were better customers and human beings then those that were new to wealth. The old money for the most part treated and tipped me better then those who had something to proof with their new found worth.

    I despise drama and would be seeking the person and place to spend what time I had left in a meaningful and stress free as possible. Wan’s village sounds like a possible place that would fit the bill. You have 10-15 years left if your lucky on average Mobi. Don’t waste one minute or breath on things that don’t matter.I don’t buy green bananas anymore.

    Life’s great equalizer, we all come with nothing and leave with nothing! With no idea when our clock will run down.

    I do think Wan has been good for you. Glad to see you are using your bat and balls for things more meaningful than banging whores and pissing out cheap liquor.



  4. She is NOT an innocent poor woman. When Wan was in England and still married to Pete his NEW WHORE (Yes he met her at a bar where she had been working for many years, and was by no means his first bit on the side) called Wan and abused her and said despicable things to her.

    Since Wan has been back in Thailand, this “innocent woman” has bad mouthed Wan at every turn. She has told nearly every farang in Roi Et that Wan is no good, and even shouted at Wan in the swimming pool and insulted her in front of everyone, for no reason.

    She was at the forefront of the threats when Wan’s ex went to Wan’s house, and she was the one who shouted at Wan’s mother and said everything was bought with Pete’s money and that they would burn it down.


    And BTW, you really seem to get your nickers in a twist about White Van men. You don’t happen to be one by any chance do you?

    I will let the folks judge who is more pathetic – you or me.


  5. Well everything you have written only goes to show how little you know about Thailand and Thai people.

    Whether you like it or not, of course they set great store by someone owning a BMW. As soon as I arrived at Wan’s house, almost the entire population of the village came to look at the car, smile at me and say “BM – Sway….”.

    You may not like it, and I assume you are just as jealous as most Thais, but my little friend, that is the way it is and you can deny it till you are blue in the face and send me nasty comments, but doesn’t change the reality.

    We were 800 kms away from the cunt who intimidated Wan’s mother. It was all reported to the police, and Wan told him so by sms in a polite manner.

    He still didn’t get the message and sent an aggravating sms to Wan. demanding that she bring his son home. I then sent the “aggravating” sms from me and it did the trick 100%. I stand by everything I did, and regret nothing and know that i was right.


  6. Bloody hell mobi, you sure know how to pick ’em! The last thing you need is this emotional baggage. Go back to meaningless sex with hookers!


  7. I assume Nuch is Wan’s real name?

    And calling someone a “white van man” is a cheap shot. This guy sounds like an asshole, but do you have to stoop to such derogatory prejudiced statements?

    It does show something about your character though. Who cares if you drive a BMW or Honda Dream -relationships should not be based on money.


    1. This man is more than an arsehole. He is an evil, vindictive bully who intimidated Wan for years, regularly calling her disgusting names like “low life Thai Prick”

      I will stoop to any lengths to knock him off his despicable perch and make him feel bad about himself.

      I really can’t believe that you are actually supporting him and accusing me of making a “cheap shot”. I wish I could have thought of even cheaper shots to make.

      Personally I couldn’t give a sweet fck about white van men and I have no feelings about them, one way or another, but I knew that it would make him squeal, which is why I did it.

      As for BMW’s, well I have one because at the time I could afford it and I enjoy driving it – so why not?

      But the fact remains that Thais, and stupid farangs set a great store by someone who owns a BMW, and I have no doubt that it upset the cunt and his new whore no end to know that his ex wife has found someone who drives one.

      So now you know a bit more about my character. Happy?


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