Jomtien, 9th March, 2010

A few things have been going on to keep me from this blog over the past few days.

I have been going through a few ‘ups and downs’ in my quest to find sobriety and peace of mind.

As I wrote to a friend last week, I have been “in and out” of booze, “in and out” of bars, and “in and out” of relationships, of one sort or another.

All pretty turgid stuff  which in the end has taken me nowhere, but ever further to rock bottom.

I didn’t think that my readers wanted to read more of the same, and I didn’t particularly relish all the condemnatory comments which would inevitably spring forth.

So I just took a bit of a holiday from my writing, notwithstanding the fact that on many days I was in no condition to write anything.

For those of you who have been long time followers of my blog, you will know that I do have these periodic absences, and maybe they are a good thing as it gives me a bit of a rest from daily writing, and refreshes my ‘creative juices’.

Then, at the end of last week I was in Bangkok for three days to visit with Dave, and that was not a particularly pleasant experience.

Since I returned to Pattaya, I have been laid low with severe food poisoning.

I ate a load of dodgy, raw oysters last Saturday evening, and have been ill ever since. I haven’t eaten for two days and am so weak that I spend most of my time sleeping, only to wake up for another visit to the loo – to pass ever more liquid.

I dragged myself to see a Doctor today, but apart from changing the main antibiotic, he prescribed the same electrolytes, as I was already taking and told me what I already know – no food, no milk, plenty of water, and so on. He told me that I was very low on salts (he could not detect any in my stomach by feeling it), which accounted for my weak, dehydrated state.

This illness may be a blessing in disguise as I haven’t taken a drink since Saturday, and the enforced abstinence may help to wean me off the booze. I was really struggling to stop.

Anyway, hopefully back soon, with more tales of my ‘exciting’ life – and believe me – the tales never stop!

Assuming I don’t pass away in the meantime!!

7 thoughts on “Jomtien, 9th March, 2010”

  1. Yes you are right about oysters.

    I usually have them served, still attached to their shells, which gives some reassurance of freshness, but on this occasion I was served a load of small oysters dumped on a plate over ice. I guess they had been out of the sea, unrefrigerated, for quite a while.


  2. I believe that your body and mind are conspiring to help you get sober. Please don’t think of the “condemnatory comments” as negative. I believe most people comment because they care and are trying to help you. Think of them as “constructive criticism”.


  3. Every now and then our body needs to be reminded that an arse hole is in charge. Kinda humbles all the other organs that for the most part feel superior. Look at them now grins the arse hole, I’m in charge and don’t you all forget it! Without me you would all be full of shit!

    Hang in there Mobi, surely I am not the only one rooting for you.

    I don’t intend my comments to be condemnatory, they are reality based, made as to enable you to face the facts as I assume myself and others see them. I will not make them anymore because I feel they do you more harm then good. Feeling bad about them may indicate that the old adage “the truth hurts” may in fact be the correct assessment. It is more important to me that you are happy then I be right! I will keep my opinions to myself and just enjoy your blog.

    I wish you a speedy recovery MOBI !



    1. Yes, sometimes the truth does hurt, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      As I have explained in today’s blog, I just needed a little rest from it.

      Please keep your comments coming, warts an’ all – condemnatory an’ all.

      I appreciate your efforts to help and encourage.

      Peace to you too…


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