Jomtien, 27th January, 2010.

Today is Day 6 of my sobriety.

First and foremost, I want to advise all my readers that “Mobi’s Story” has now been published in its entirety (31 parts), in chronological order, on a separate page. Simply click the tab at the top of this blog to bring the page onto your screen.

I have taken the opportunity to clean up the text a bit, and to correct spelling and grammatical errors that were there in the original. No material changes have been made.

At some future point there is no doubt that I will repeat this exercise, for every time I read my work I find errors and text that needs tidying up. It is an ongoing exercise.

So now that is all done and dusted I can get back to my main blog.

Tomorrow I will start on “MOBI VIGNETTES” – stories of events in my life which I feel maybe of interest to my readers, and which serve to expand and elaborate on the narrative of “MOBI’S STORY”.

In the meantime, I can report that I am still sober and feeling pretty good, all things considered.

I am still suffering from my second addiction – women. I am still falling in love at night, and promising the chosen lady “the earth”, but thankfully, on the following morning, I immediately realise how ridiculous my promises were, and  quickly dispatch the lady in question, after suitably rewarding her for her night’s ‘work’.

This habit is not doing my bank account a lot of good as I always over-pay to avoid any recriminations when I withdraw my extravagant promises.

The other day I took pity on a cute little thing who was so poor that she met me in what I can only describe as moth-eaten carpet slippers. She was holding the oldest, most battered mobile phone I have ever seen, which she shared with her mother. So naturally I bought her a few pairs of shoes and a shiny new mobile phone. At the time I really believed she was going to be my new live-in, but within twenty four hours I just wanted her gone and to have my ‘space’ back.

It was the same thing last night. I had been chatting up a very pretty thirty four year old who managed a bar / restaurant in the Jomtien suburbs. She is supremely fit (runs for two hours every morning), has a lovely figure, well educated, no children, speaks pretty good English. Up to recently she was a  full time dress designer (she wears all her own designed clothes), and has only been in Pattaya in  her present position for a month. To my knowledge she has never been out with a customer, except to have a meal.

I turned on the ‘soft soap’, swore amongst other things that he wanted her forever as his permanent girl friend, and last night she came home with me.

She was a very nice lady and I can honestly say that I had some of the most incredible sex I have ever experienced. She was something else again, and we really connected – physically and mentally. It must have lasted for well over two hours – I didn’t think I had it in me, and all this without Viagra, which gives me a headache. In the end we collapsed exhausted in each other’s arms and I slept like a baby for eight hours.

Yet this morning, when I woke late, although I still felt affection for her, I really wanted her gone, like all the others. I was no longer ‘in love’ and I didn’t want her as my live-in girl friend.

I feared that she may want to ‘hang around’, but fortunately, she wanted to go home to wash her clothes.

Just to make sure there were no ‘comebacks’, I slipped some money into her handbag before I dropped her off. I didn’t want the moral responsibility of sleeping with someone for love, rather than money.

Now that I am really starting to deal with my alcohol addiction, I must also turn my mind seriously to this nonsense with women.

At least I seem to have lost the urge to move them in, so maybe it is the first step and in due course maybe my fleeting, irrational infatuations with women will slowly dissipate.

2 thoughts on “Jomtien, 27th January, 2010.”

  1. mobi, i’d say that you’re handling your second addiction quite well – no emotional attachment to these girls. they are fine for companionship but in the long term you’re much better off sending them off next morning. build friendships with other expats and meet up with the occassional woman here and there and i think you’ll manage quite well IMHO.


    1. Thanks Big Skippy.

      Yes, it seems to be the best way forward. I am reasonably confident that there will be no more silly ‘live ins’

      What is already happening is that I am happier with my own company and don’t need anyone with me to stop me feeling lonely.

      When the women come to my place, I feel they are intruders and getting into my space.

      So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t do anything stupid.


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