Jomtien, 25th January, 2010 – still sober!

Today I  am on Day 4 of my sobriety.

Today I attended the morning AA meeting and haven’t been anywhere near a pub or a bar.

This evening I have been busy collating “Mobi’s Story” from start to finish, some 70,000 words, for publication on a separate page that I have set up.

It will certainly help me, and hopefully my readers, to be able to read “Mobi’s Story” through in chronological order, without having to search for all the various parts nestled in between  my other blogging activities.

So I just thought I’d better write this small piece to reassure all my readers that I am sticking to my solemn pledge.

No drinking and no drunk driving – ever again.

I know it’s early days, but I’m very, very confident.

I may posts more later today but it is now past midnight and  time for a shower and some ‘shut-eye”.

3 thoughts on “Jomtien, 25th January, 2010 – still sober!”

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…….So now you decide to put the story in one place after I trawled throuh the whole blog on Wednesday night !!!!
    Crashed through a couple of reds (and a big pack of jelly babies …. and pack jammy dodgers) and was thoroughly absorbed with your scriblings. Not sure if I read your tale with curiosity, concern, compassion or relief that I have never got to a stage where I could not stop drinking. However I wish you all my best and will continue to read you blog (and enjoy …if that does not sound morbid).
    Fight the good fight and take care


  2. Good news about the chronological page and even better news about your 4 days of sobriety. Let me offer you a hearty congratulations and my prayers that you can continue in this vein.


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