Jomtien, 16th Decmber 2009

Today I have been sober for 108 days.

I didn’t take a drink and I have finally broken the news to my girlfriend that I want her to go.

She seems to have taken it quite well, but the details of her departure have yet to be worked out. I will give it a couple of days, and if nothing much is happening, I’ll give it another push….

At least it’s out in the open, and I  feel quite a bit better about it all.

I was out last night until very late, and will probably be out late again tonight. I don’t like to stay at home much while she is still here.

But I will try to get back to some serious blogging tomorrow.

One thought on “Jomtien, 16th Decmber 2009”

  1. good for you mobi, but “details of her departure”? unless she was somehow led to believe that she was to live with you permanently, can’t she just be shown the door now? why the delay? surely she had accommodation before moving in with you just a short time ago?

    you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to something that is so unpleasant that you feel a need to avoid your home.

    good luck and congratulations on making it through 108 days!


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