Mobi’s Pics – 8th November 2015

Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (8)

Birmingham – Town Centre

I return this week to the photographs I took in the UK earlier this year. Today’s selection were taken in Birmingham town centre where we stayed for a week with my eldest daughter.

Birmingham is quite a place these days and much of the town centre has been completely re-built in recent years. Pride of place are the world famous library and the International Concert Hall, home of The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. I was thinking about talking Lek to a concert, but the prices were astronomical – shame really…


IMG_1444 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1451 IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1460 IMG_1461 IMG_1465 IMG_1463 IMG_1468 IMG_1442 IMG_1441 IMG_1470 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1492 IMG_1494 IMG_1496 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1502 IMG_1504 IMG_1507 IMG_1508 IMG_1511 IMG_1512 IMG_1513 IMG_1518 IMG_1517 IMG_1516 IMG_1514 IMG_1520 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1527



MAB mini pic

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