Dancing the American Smooth

Dancing the American Smooth

“It’s politics Jim – but not as we know it….”


I have written several times in this blog about how much I deplore Obama’s appalling record as US president: how he has dragged his country’s international reputation down the toilet and how he has abdicated America’s role as leader of ‘The Free world’.

He has backed down to Putin at every turn and let Russia have a free rein to flex their military might wherever and whenever they choose, in flagrant disregard for international laws in the process.



During the past seven years, he has run his nation’s fiscal deficit so high that there is a real danger of another world recession.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he has spent almost his entire two presidential terms in trying to impose blatant socialist policies in the ‘the land of the free’ and he openly admits he wants to take wealth away from the ‘have’s and redistribute much of it to the ‘have-nots.’

It is difficult to believe that it has reached the point where almost 50% of the population in the ‘greatest nation in the world’ receive some form of social benefits from the US government. That translates to 151 million people! Out of this 151 million, 49 million people are living wholly on Social Security, and a whopping 46 million receive food stamps.

The number of people in the USA on food stamps alone is greater than the entire populations of medium-sized countries, such as Argentina, Columbia, Kenya or the Ukraine.

Any idiot can see that these whopping budget deficits, massive ‘social largesse’ and state intervention into every sector of business cannot possibly be sustainable in the long term. Gorbachev saw that decades ago.

If the most extreme of Obama’s policies aren’t reversed by the new administration in 2016, the USA is in grave danger of losing its role as the world’s richest and most powerful nation. That will leave a gap that can only be filled by the likes of Russia, China or, who knows – maybe…Islamic State….

Yet I for one have never doubted that Obama is a person of integrity, who fully intended to do ‘the right thing’ during his presidential term. He made courageous promises about how he would change things fundamentally during his presidential campaign, but almost as soon as he was sworn in, he found that he was woefully incapable of fulfilling any of these vows.

Obama is a great orator, but he is not a natural leader. He hasn’t had any real-world experience of managing even the smallest organisation. He soon found himself at the mercy of  strong-willed people and the stifling political machine that laid waste his cherished dreams of change.

They controlled almost everything he did, and he was too weak to even fire senior government leaders when they made serious ‘errors of judgement’. Their usual reward for ‘screwing up’ was a promotion.

He was totally out of his depth and has been singularly incapable of achieving even a fraction of what he set out to accomplish. Even his signature health plan is teetering on the brink of collapse and has left far more people unhappy with it than the few who benefit.

Nobody would deny for one moment that America’s health care system was in urgent need of  a drastic overhaul, but by ramming a bill through congress that ran to thousands of pages and was so unwieldy that few congressmen or Senators even bothered to read it, was not the right way to go.

Obama has been left impotent by the hard left socialists around him, led by the redoubtable Nancy Pelosi, who for the first four years of his term was the leader of the House of Representatives.

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But you know what? If I was an American, I would rather have Obama running the country than Hilary Clinton.

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I have never been a fan of Hillary Clinton, right back to the days of the Whitewater scandal. In fact, I believe she is probably the most insincere, arrogant self-aggrandizing person who has ever sought the highest office in America.

I fail to understand how anybody can study her record – firstly as First Lady, then as New York Senator and finally her calamitous term as probably one of the worst ever US Secretaries of State, and still believe she is a person of integrity who only seeks high office for altruistic reasons.

Just listen and watch the words coming out of her mouth, and tell me – honestly – if she is really someone worthy of your trust…..

Sure, all politicians are vain and self-seeking to some extent, but most do have a driving force that compels them to do something special for their country when they get into office. Whether we agree with them or not is another matter entirely, but we usually respect their motives.

I fear that a ‘Hillary Presidency’ could be the final straw that will drive America into decades of international obscurity and condemn much of its population to a life below the poverty line.

Drastic predictions? Yes, but let’s face it; half of  America’s population are already receiving some manner of government handouts. Most ‘informed’ people are aware that the so-called unemployment rate of 5.1% in America is nothing but a sham.

It takes no account of the millions of working-age adults who do not register as unemployed as they are either content to live on social security or they have simply given up ever finding a job.

If you include the number of unemployed people of working age, the real rate is closer to 40% – don’t rely on me – check out the Labour Department stats…


The point is; Hillary just doesn’t care. She has lived a privileged life as a member of the elite wealthy, upper class.  She went to ivy league schools and colleges and all she really cares about is getting her name into the history books as America’s first female President.

Beware… she may get in… as I seriously doubt if the voters will ever anoint Donald the Chump as their 45th President.

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All the hue and cry and media circus that surrounds Trump’s election campaign will probably result in a total fragmentation or even the disintegration of the Republican Party. If this happens, it will mortally damage the prospects of more worthy candidates from the ranks of the conservatives.

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I fear for America’s future – let’s hope I’m wrong.


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