Mobi Babble – 26th January, 2014


I have to say that I feel in a much better state of mind than I was in last weekend. There have been no more pain attacks since the awful weekend of two weeks ago and I seem to have fully recovered from the after effects of my tramadol/paracetamol induced ‘delirium-high’. The chronic diarrhoea continues unabated, which leaves me feeling weak and listless, but all in all, things could be worse and I seem to be coping with daily life much better.

I have even resumed my evening walks around the lake, which had fallen by the wayside in recent weeks. We are continuing to enjoy a very long, really cool spell so these walks are particularly pleasant at the moment. The temperatures and humidity are so low, that even a brisk 30 minute walk in the late afternoon sunshine does not produce a single drop of perspiration (glow…) on on my ravaged body. Long may this state of affairs continue.

Next Wednesday, I will go back to Siriraj hospital in Thon Buri to undergo an ERCP, or endoscopic ultrasound. Apparently an  ERCP, (which involves inserting a tiny camera into my gut and is carried out under general anaesthetic), is considered the ‘Gold standard’ in the diagnosis of pancreatic conditions and will provide my specialist with a very precise details and extent of the organ damage. It will also show him whether there are any signs of cancer. The procedure has a complication rate of 7% to 10%, so it is a little worrying, but all being well, I will return home the same evening. 


“Maw Doolittle”

I forgot to do a follow-up piece after my blog of the 1st December when I related how my wild-life loving Buddhist girlfriend had rescued an injured bird and had it recovering in a home-made cage out on our veranda. The poor thing had been attacked by a dog, (probably one of ours,) and was in a pretty poor state.

Remarkably, the bird slowly recovered and its feathers grew back, so about a month after its rescue, as far as we could tell it looked ready to return to the wild.  Maw Doolittle opened up the make-shift cage and the bird did a hop step and jump and a little flutter across the grass, before finally taking wing and flying off, out of sight. I have no idea whether it survived, but we like to think it did.

Then, 4 days ago, we were out on our evening constitutional around the lake, when Maw Doolittle suddenly  rushed off into the bushes and returned cradling another victim to an animal mauling. If anything, this one looks to be in a worse condition than its earlier brother (or sister – how do you tell?).

Anyway, I’ve just been out to check, and it’s still there, sitting on the floor of the ‘cage’, looking very sorry for itself and staring at me with his/her beady eye.


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