“A Lust for Life”

A Lust For Life


Mobi D’Ark

Copyright © 2013


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Here is a summary of the Novel.

‘A Lust for Life’ is the story of Toby Stark, a saga of 210,000 words, spanning five decades, and five continents, with most of the action taking place in South East Asia, primarily in Thailand.

It is the tale of a troubled, hard-drinking Englishman who was born to an abusive father in post-war, economically depressed London, and whose considerable escapades take him to America, Canada, Africa, The Middle East and Indonesia, before arriving in Thailand where he decides to spend the remainder of his life.

Along the way Toby lurches from poverty to wealth, and back to poverty again; is subjected to spells in many of the world’s jails; wins and loses countless women – including five wives, four of whom are Thai – and develops an unhealthy addiction to alcohol.

In later life, he becomes inextricably involved with two beautiful women from rural Thailand.

The first is ‘Ying’, born in impoverished circumstances in Eastern Thailand, and at the age of eight witnessed her gangland father being shot down in front of her. Ying’s eventful life takes her to Bangkok at the age of twelve to work as an indentured servant, and later to the south of Thailand where she suffers constant abuse by the father of her child. She eventually escapes and moves back to Bangkok where she becomes a popular hostess at one of Bangkok’s nightspots.

The second is ‘Na’ was also born into incredible poverty in the North East of Thailand, and moves to the resort City of Pattaya at a very young age. Despite her appalling suffering at the hands of pedophiles and other criminal elements, she survives to become a highly sought after ‘working girl’ in one of Pattaya’s premier red light districts.

The two women meet by chance and reluctantly join forces to try and save Toby from almost certain death in a Pattaya jail after he is arrested for causing a fatal road accident.

Their efforts to rescue him and their subsequent adventures are an exciting, roller-coaster of a ride, which exposes the sordid underbelly of Pattaya’s criminally controlled, lawless, sex industry where death, human trafficking, and unspeakable depravity are the order of the day. The thrilling and shocking climax of the saga is both uplifting and distressing.

A Lust for Life’ leads the reader deep into the dark side of Thailand’s corrupt and morally bankrupt society. It explores the fatal culture clashes that are experienced by thousands of eager westerners who flock to Thailand, only to learn that their dreams of happiness in a tropical paradise are largely an illusion.

It also delves into the causes and the punishing effects of alcoholism in both eastern and western civilizations.

At its heart, ‘A Lust for Life’ is a novel of abuse and its long-lasting effects, of desire, of love, of greed, of adventure, of heartbreak and shocking violence  – the bread and butter of daily life in the exotic ‘Land Of Smiles.




4 thoughts on ““A Lust for Life””

  1. Hey Mobi,

    So sorry your health trials continue. But if “porridge”, rice soup, is all you can manage to get pain free nights, so be it. We don’t really need to eat meat, although we may love it. Once your bowel trouble settles, stick with what works.

    I’d love to reply to your posts on your home page but am unable to.

    Very sorry to hear about the brother outlaw snarky reaction to a simple plea for a little sentence or two. I too have great trouble with “family” and want to let you know they have choices, and as you said we have “delete”. So my friend, keep on trucking, many of your readers want to see you succeed in your writing. That gives us all hope. And I love your take on recent events in Bangkok,

    Season’s Best,



    1. Hi B, Thank you for your kind comments, they are much appreciated.

      With regard to making a comment from my Home Page, if you go to the foot of my latest blog of 15th December, (underneath the pics) you will see ‘Share This’ then underneath that ‘Like This’, then underneath that, ‘posted /comment / edit.

      If you click on ‘comment’, you will be able to post your comment.



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